BB Clip App Refer Earn PayTM - Get 10 Rs PayTM Per Refer Up to 300

TikTok Formerly Musically has become one of the best apps to share your creativity in just a few seconds using the short Videos. Vigo App has also provided the same platforms to show your weird talent using 15-30 seconds videos. Now BB Clip App is here to give the same stage to prove that you are awesome to act on various dubsmash videos. As per promotional offer to get the boost from audiences they have introduced BB Clip Refer Earn PayTM Cash. Where in BB Clip you can earn 10 Rs. Per Referral paytm cash.

If you are ready to earn Free PayTM Cash by Refer & Earn then you can use this "BB Clip" app and Start Referring this App to your friends. Once they'll installed and log in on this app you'll instantly get the Referral Bonus of 10 Rupees PayTM cash
BB-Clip App PayTM Refer Earn
Moreover, of this Refer Earn option, you can use their Video uploading platform where you can earn sound PayTM cash by uploading your creative videos on BB Clip App and can earn from your BB Clip Videos. 

BB Clip App Refer Earn PayTM - Get 10 Rs PayTM Per Refer Up to 300

Use the BB Clip and Show your extreme talent on this App. Upload your most funny, dubsmash, jokes, bauaa dub videos etc and get extra chance to earn more PayTM Cash from BB Clip App. As per their offer you can earn daily up to 300 PayTM Cash.

On the BB-Clip App, there are lots of challenge videos are available. You can take part in their daily challenge videos and can use those videos to make an awesome short video. On BB-Clip App, you can find Indian Element Music & AI Filter that you can use to create your videos.

How To Refer & Earn on BB-Clip App & Get 10 Rs. PayTM Cash?

  • First of all Download the BB-Clip App - Download.
  • Now Open the App, Skip the Introductory Part & go to Dashboard.
  • After that Click on the RS. Icon from the upper right corner.
  • Click on Sign Up Option, Enter Your Number, Password, Verify OTP.
  • Now Login Again Using Same Mobile Number and Click on Share option.
  • You'll get a POP-UP option to Share or Invite click on it & start sharing.
  • Share your Referral Link to your Friends & ask them to register on the App.
  • You can earn 10 Rs PayTM Cash Per Referral.

PayTM Redemption From BB-Clip App:-

  • Open the BB-Clip App.
  • Go to the RS Icon and there you'll see Withdraw Option.
  • Minimum Redemption is 100 Rs.
  • You can Redeem into your PayTM Wallet.

Terms & Conditions:-

  • Your friend must have never downloaded a BB-Clip APP before. As long as you have downloaded the BB-Clip APP on a device, it is considered an old user and cannot be rewarded.
  • After obtaining the cash reward, you can go to the profile homepage to withdraw cash.
  • The activity begins on the date of publication and the company announces the end date of the activity.
  • Cheating is prohibited and can cause account block law sue.
  • The final interpretation is given by BB-Clip.
  • Any questions please contact BB-Clip customer care service by BB-Clip Facebook group, Facebook group: BB-Clip Customer Service.
  • Only Paytm account is acceptable for payment.
  • The payment will be completed in 5 working days.
  • The user can withdraw the balance once in 3 days.
  • Phone numbers and Paytm account info is mandatory to be submitted by the users. Until balance reaches Rs. 100.00 user can withdraw money.
  • The amount of cash withdraw should not be less than 100.00 Rs.

Ending Essence:-

In the post above we have discussed BB-Clip App where you can download the app from the link given above and can earn PayTM Cash. You can either earn PayTM Cash by Referring this BB-Clip App to your friends or you can upload your Short Videos on the App Like Vigo App or Tik-Tok App.

Komparify PayPal Cashback Offer: Get 50% Cashback Upto 200

Komparify PayPal Cashback Offer:- PayPal Cashback Offer is working fine now with Komparify. Komparify is now accepting the PayPal as new payment gateway if you're going to recharge your mobile, pay bills on Komparify App & site as well. Since the PayPal has been trying to allure more Indian Consumers that's why they are doing a partnership with various platforms with their 50% Cashback Offer.

Apart from the Komparify, PayPal was also providing their payment gateway with 50% Cashback offer to Zingoy users. Where most of the users were getting up to 200 Rs. cashback on their First Purchase.
Komparify PayPal Cashback Offer: Get 50% Cashback Upto 200
Now if you are also want to get 200 Rs. Cashback that is also redeemable fully then you can use "Komparify PayPal Cashback Offer". You have to use Komparify and PayPal to Recharge your Mobile, Bill payments or you can even buy Gift Vouchers.

Komparify PayPal Cashback Offer: Get 50% Cashback Up to 200 on Mobile Recharge/Bill Payments

If you are one of them who are only interesting in 200 Rs. Cashback and then redeem it to directly into either your PayTM Bank or any other Bank Account then you can use this Komparify PayPal Trick

That name can be given to this offer as well. Most of the users are aware of this fact that they can use this cashback offer and can earn sound money using this Komparify PayPal Cashback Offer.

Better to remember that you have to first invest some rupees around 400 to purchase the gift card or you are really want to recharge your Mobile. After that, you'll be able to get that 200 Rupees Cashback in your newly created PayPal account. 

Despite this thing you need to take care of one of the important things, that transaction should be your first transaction on PayPal account.

Steps to Avail Komparify PayPal 50% Cashback Offer:-

  • First of all, go to the Komparify Offer Page.
  • Login or Sign Up for the New Account.
  • Now Recharge Your Mobile, Pay Bills or Buy E-Commerce Vouchers.
  • Make sure that you Initiate the Recharge of Buy Vouchers above 400+ to get the maximum benefit.
  • Now check all your details carefully while entering your Recharge details or buying vouchers.
  • Now Select the Payment mode as PayPal only. As you'll get 50% cashback on Komparify if you are going to pay with PayPal.
  • Now Sign in or Create a new PayPal account and Add Card to pay your Amount.
  • After paying the amount you'll get successful recharge if you're recharging your mobile or you'll get Vouchers on your E-mail if you're buying Vouchers.
  • You'll get 200 Rupees cashback in your PayPal account.
  • You can check that when you're going to recharge of pay for any other services using paypal.

Komparify PayPal Cashback Offer:- To add a card in your PayPal account you need to have a virtual card. So that you can do the payments using this card. We are going to tell you how you can use various cards in your PayPal account to use this 200 Rupees Komparify PayPal Cashback offer.

How To Get Virtual Cards For PayPal Cashback Offer

  • To Get the Virtual Cards (Master/Visa)You can consider the Various Apps
  • Here We are going to tell you about how you can use Pockets App's, Virtual Card.
  • First of all Download the Pockets App Download.
  • Use the Referral Code POC0015868 to get instant 10 Rs Bonus.
  • While Registering on You need to Enter the PAN Card Details on Pockets App.
  • Use the Random Number as NRJPP5748F (NRJPPXXXX) to proceed further.
  • After this Copy the Card Details From Pockets App.
  • Now Link this Card in your PayPal Accounts.
  • Later use any offer like Zingoy Loot or Niki recharge offer or BookMyShow Offer to get cashback up to 200 Rs.
  • Few Virtual Card Providing Apps are TMW, Pockets App, DBS, Slonkit, PayZapp, PayIBL, Kotak etc.

Terms & Conditions for Komparify PayPal Cashback Offer:-

  • Offer can be availed only once per user.
  • You agree to receive the cashback award email from PayPal.
  • This offer is available on the First-Come-First-Serve basis to first 125,000 eligible customers.
  • In case of cancellations/ refunds in redemption cases, 100% cashback will be refunded if the offer period is still valid. For partial cancellations, a refund will be processed as per PayPal policies.
  • Under no circumstances will you be entitled to withdraw the eligible cashback amount into your bank account or otherwise ask for a cash withdrawal. The cashback amount will be applied as a discount for your eligible purchases. The amount cannot be credited into any pre-paid instrument issued under applicable RBI laws.
  • The offer can be redeemed during a PayPal transaction where there is an integration between the merchant’s checkout flow and PayPal back-end platform which holds all the logic to redeem PayPal offers.
  • The offer will apply as long as the currency of the PayPal offer is the same as the currency passed from the Merchant (reflected at checkout). Currency conversion is not supported.
  • The offer cannot be transferred or combined with any other PayPal (a) offer; (b) promotion code; (c) coupon; or (d) discount or any offers from your card issuing bank.
  • In addition to the above, this offer is also subject to merchant’s general Terms of Use
  • Indian laws govern these Terms and Conditions. All disputes shall be subject to the Dispute Resolution clause of the User Agreement between PayPal and You.

Komparify-PayPal Cashback Offer Unlimited Voucher Trick


1. PayPal Accounts.
2. Komparify Account
3. Debit Virtual Card (Master/Visa Cards)
4. Gmail Accounts For PayPal.

Brief Explanation:- First of all create a new PayPal account and add the Virtual Card from the Pockets app. Now go to the Komparify Account and add the Vouchers worth 400 Rs. Now Choose the Payment mode as PayPal. After this Enter your PayPal email and proceed further to pay the amount. On the Payment page, you'll see your added Virtual Debit Card. Make sure that you have already added sufficient balance into your Card. 

After this pay, the amount and you are done. You'll get your Voucher and 200 Rs. Cashback Voucher in the PayPal Offers Section. Later this 200 Rs Cashback Voucher of PayPal can be used to purchase the Voucher again from the Komparify Account free of cost. That's the trick to get the 200 Rs. Voucher.

Repeat the Same Steps to get the Profit from PayPal Cashback Offer of Komparify.

  • Create the New Account of PayPal
  • Add the Same Virtual Card in New PayPal Account.
  • But Remember that you have to first remove this Virtual Card from the First PayPal Account.
  • Repeat the same steps to buy the Vouchers or Recharge.
  • Later You Can buy PayTM Vouchers and Convert it into cash.
  • That's how you can get 200 Rs profit on every purchase.

Ending Essence:-

So this was the post about how you can use Komparify PayPal Cashback Offer. Recharge your Mobile on Komparify and use the PayPal as Payment option to avail the instant 50% Cashback up to 200 Rupees. Later you can use this 200 Rupees voucher of PayPal for your next purchase free of cost.

Meesho App Refer Earn - Sign Up & Get Free Products

Meesho App Refer Earn Free Products:- On Meesho App you can get free products by signing up on it. Meesho App is a reselling app where you can get a commission to resell the products on various social platforms. While sharing the product of "Meesho App" you have to set your margin to earn from your buyers. One of the best things is that you can also avail the Meesho App Refer Earn offer to get up to 250 INR off on your first order.

Meesho App Get Free Products- As of now, you can get free products worth 50 INR to 80 INR. On the Meesho App Refer Earn Offer you can get your Referral Bonus which you can use to avail up to 250 INR off on your first order including referral amount, online payments and referral reward i.e. flat 50 INR discount.
Meesho App Refer Earn - Sign Up & Get Free Products
About Meesho App- Meesho App is a reselling hub. Where you can earn monthly a good amount of money by reselling the products. On Meesho App you can get 10,000+ products across 500+ cities. Meesho's Top Resellers come from Metros, Emerging Cities, and small towns. Apart from this Meesho App, you can give try to Loan Globally Refer Earn App. To earn assured money by Referring it to your friends.

Meesho App Referral Code:-

Meesho Android App:Download App
Meesho Referral Code:VGSBXMI984
Meesho Signup Bonus:Rs.50 Flat Discount
Meesho Referral Bonus:
Rs. 250 (On First Order Placed by Referral)
More Paytm Earning Apps:Loan Globally Refer Earn
Meesho App is paying for your Referrals too. Just ask your referrals to use your Meesho Referral Code to place their First Order. They will get maximum discounts on their First Order and you'll get a referral bonus of 250 Rs. Which'll be bank transferrable. So start referring Meesho app to your Friends and Family to earn on every order they placed.

Meesho App at Glance:-

  • Download the App From Here - Meesho App.
  • Sign Up on the Meesho App by Entering Your Phone Number.
  • Verify it with OTP.
  • Now Browse the Product with Free Shipping.
  • Add it to your Cart.
  • Enter Your Address Details, Phone Number, Email etc.
  • Now Pay your amount using Paytm or any Online Payment Method.
  • Done! You'll get your Free Products at your doorstep.

Meesho App Refer Earn - Sign Up & Get Free Products:-

  • First of Download the Meesho App - Meesho App.
  • After that install the Meesho App.
  • Enter Your Phone Number and Verify it with OTP.
  • Now Skip the Introductory Video.
  • Now Go to the Account Section and Enter the Invite Code - VGSBXMI984 (If asked)
  • After that Search the Products with Free Shipping.
  • Now add it into the Cart and go to the Cart Option.
  • You'll get Flat 50 Rs Discount + 20% Off for Online Payment + Referral Reward.
  • Now Enter the Address Details, Email, Name & Phone Number.
  • Now Choose the Payments as PayTM or any other Online Payment Mode.
  • Finally, Place your order and get your products.

Meesho App Refer Earn and Get Referral Reward:-

  • Open the Meesho App Dashboard.
  • Click on the "Account" Option.
  • Click on the "Refer & Earn" option.
  • Copy your Referral Link & Start Sharing to your Friends.
  • Whenever your Referral will buy from Meesho, you'll get Commission.
  • The commission can be settled into your Bank Account i.e Bank Redeemable.

Meesho Referral Commission
(Meesho Refer & Earn 250 Rs.)

  • On Meesho App You Can Earn through Your Referral's First Order.
  • Ask your Referral to Place their Order above 130+ Rupees.
  • As soon as they'll use your Referral (Invite Code) VGSBXMI984 and Place their First Order, You'll Get 250 Rs. Pending in your Referral Commission.
  • Whenever the placed product will be delivered. Your Referral Commission will be Confirmed and Soon will be settled.
  • Settled Referral amount will be directly sent to your Bank Account.
  • That's how you can earn 250 INR Free of Cost by Referring Meesho App to Your Friends.
  • Note: Make Deal with Your Referral and ask them to use your Referral Code and Place their First Order so that you can earn 250 Rs. Later you can settle this amount to get that product Free of Cost.

How To Refer & Earn 250 Rupees From Meesho App?

  • First of all Download the Meesho App.
  • Now Enter the Referral CodeVGSBXMI984.
  • After this, Go To "For You" Option there you'll see Search Bar on the Top of the App.
  • Enter the Products Name Such as " Cotton Trendy T-shirts" etc.
  • Choose your desired products and Add it to your Cart.
  • Make sure the Product Price is 130+ Rupees.
  • Then Simply Place your Order by Entering your Address Details & Make Payment.
  • After this Go to "Account Section" and Copy Your Referral Invite Code & Start Sharing.
  • As soon as your Referrals will place their First Order you'll get 250 Rupees Commission.
  • This Referral Bonus will be directly send to your Bank Account after the product will be delivered to your Referrals.

Ending Essence:-

That's how you can earn Bank Redeemable Commission by Sharing Meesho App. Simply you have to use Refer & Earn Offer of Meesho App. Now you have to share your referral link to your friends to ask them to purchase from the Meesho App. So that they can get Free Products on Meesho App as they are providing a great discount offer on First Purchase. Make sure that they are using your Referral Link to get the profit of Refer Earn and other discount offers for their First Purchase on Meesho App.

BalleBaazi Refer and Earn- Get Rs 50 on Sign Up and Earn Real Cash

BalleBaazi Refer and Earn:- We all are the huge fan of Cricket and also we have a great knowledge of Cricket Players either they are Indian players or Foreigner. A very large excitement of our people towards such a game brings an invitation for the companies that provide real money. If you haven't understood then we are going tell you that there are many companies like Dream11, Halaplay, Palayerzpot, Fantain and much more are providing real money directly to your Bank Account.

Our mean to say that if you have a great knowledge of Cricket then you can earn easily and a huge amount to your Account. These are the online platforms where you have to play the game or we can say that you are the selector of your own team. Different Websites have different rule and regulations.

BalleBaazi App Referral Code:-

Ballebaazi Android App:Download App
Ballebaazi Referral Code:SHYA0Z1
Ballebaazi Signup Bonus:Rs.50
Ballebaazi Referral Bonus:Rs.50
Fantasy Sports Avail To Play:Cricket
More Trusted Fantasy Sites:List Of Top Fantasy Apps

So, keep rules in mind and convert your knowledge into your earning. Many questions come to your mind that Is these games are legal or not. Before registering on any website or app you should have to read their agreements that they are following our Indian Law or not. So, Here we are going to tell you a website named "".Let's read more about this site.
BalleBaazi Refer and Earn, Ballebaazi app, Ballebaazi apk is a Fantasy sport like Dream11, Halaplay.This website was launched in 2017. Only the age of above 18 years can play here. BalleBaazi offers you to create 11 members team from both opponents and then select your Captain and Vice-Captain. Caption scores 2x point and Vice-Captain scores 1.5x points. If you are not comfortable with 11 members team, you can play different formats like you can choose your 5 best batsmen team and you can include your 5 best bowlers to create your team. According to your various teams, there are plenty of paid leagues which you can join with your suitable wallet balance.

This is a new Fantasy site so that your chances of winnings are more. It's a genuine website and now BalleBaazi app is available at this time, very few are familiar with this website. So don't be late and starts playing and earn more. As there is no mention any refer and earn program but still you get referral bonus by entering a referral code.
Step:-1 How to get Registered on BalleBaazi Fantasy

  • First of all, you have to go on BalleBaazi.
  • Here you can see two option, First for Login and other for Register.
  • if you are existing user can do login or if you haven't registered here can be registered via Facebook or Google.
  • You can fill form mention below like Enter your Name, Email-ID, Password, D.O.B 
  • The most important option is the Referral code "SHYA0Z1".Enter this Code in your Referral checkbox.
  • Referral code is necessary to get Rs 50 bonus.
  • Mark tick to the box which is for Terms & Privacy.
  • Filling all things and last click on "Register" button.
  • Successfully, you have created your account on BalleBaazi.
Step:-2 How to Play BalleBaazi Fantasy

  • First of all Login your account.
  • Select any Series and Click your suitable match Click on "Create Team."
  • BalleBaazi site provides 100 points to you for creating your team.
  • You have to select 1 Wicket Keeper,3-5 Batsmen, 3-5 Bowlers, and maximum 3 all-rounders in your team.
  • Keep ensuring that you have total only 11 players only.
  • After creating your team Select one player as Captain and another one as Vice-Captain.
  • Join any league that suits your balance.

Step:-3 Ballebaazi Fantasy Refer and Earn

  • The step refers to and earn is very important for everyone.
  • This site doesn't mention any refer and earn scheme on its website but you can earn cash bonus by just inviting your friends just follow some instructions.
  • Click on "three vertical line" on right upper side.
  • Click on "Edit Profile" option.
  • Here you can see your Personal details which you have fill during registration.
  • Just Scroll down and you can see Your User Name and Your Referral Code.
  • Copy your Referral Code and send it to your friends.
  • One thing you have to keep in mind that you can change your Name, D.O.B, and your Phone Number until your account got fully verified.

Step:-4 Adding or Withdrawal Money

Adding or Withdrawal of money is also the main thing in any Fantasy sites and apps.
Adding Money-Go to "My Account" and Click on Add. BalleBaazi provides 3 Adding money methods.
  1. Cards-You can Enter your Credit/Debit Card Number, CVV, Expiry, and Name on the card through this you can add money instantly.
  2. Banks-You can add money your Bank Account 
  3. Wallets- BalleBaazi also offers many Digital Wallet for adding money to your Account. These wallets are Oxygen Wallet, Freecharge wallet, Payzapp wallet, Airtel Wallet and Pay cash wallet.
Withdrawal- Once you earned Rs 200 by playing, then you would be eligible to transfer your earning to your Bank Account. You can redeem From 200-2,00,000 Rs. But before Withdrawal, you have to verify your "BalleBaazi" Account.

Update: As we updated that BalleBaazi is going to launch their Application. So, The wait is over and BalleBaazi App is available for all users. Now, users can easily download Ballebaazi apk and can enjoy a lot of fun. Launching date of BalleBaazi app was not confirmed but from 18th of September Ballebaazi App ready for the users. Actually, this app is in beta phase and have version 1.0.

Terms & Conditions:-
  • This Game is Valid for the age of above 18 years.
  • You can play this game with a single account only.
  • Before Withdrawal, you have to upload your Documents correctly. It takes some time for verification.
  • You get your money within 5 working days

Ending Essence:-

So this was the post about the BalleBaazi Refer and Earn. Where you can play the fantasy game such as cricket, football etc and can win real money cash. However, you can get Sign Up 50 Rs Bonus while registering on BalleBaazi App by entering our BalleBaazi Referral Code. So start referring Ballebaazi app to your friends and earn real money playing games.

Google Pay Recharge Offer: Get Scratch Cards on Every Recharge

Google Pay Recharge Offer:- Google Tez is now Google Pay. Google has changed its payment app name from Google Tez to Google Pay. Google Pay has now become one of the leading payment apps in India to recharge your prepaid, postpaid, electricity bills, rent etc with the ease of "tap to pay" with the Google Security. As we are aware of this thing that they are also running recharge cashback offer on every recharge in the form of scratch cards. Where you can get Scratch cards in the form of cash back if you are going recharge your number.

Google Pay(Tez) built over the UPI Interface, was launched in India in September 2017. Now in the same month, they have transformed the Google Tez into "Google Pay". Since on the launch they have provided various Send Money Cashback Offer or Refer & Earn offer on Google Tez. Now, in the same manner, they have also introduced to get scratch cards on every recharge.

Google Pay Recharge Offer: Get Scratch Cards on Every Recharge:-

Google Pay is providing up to 40 Rs worth scratch card if you are going to recharge your number with 50 Rs. You'll get assured "scratch card" on your recharge. But there are also some limitations that you can avail Google Pay Recharge Offer only 3 times.
Google Pay Recharge Offer: Get Scratch Cards on Every Recharge
The best thing about the Google Pay App is that your scratch cards amount will be directly sent to your linked Bank account. Whichever bank account you have linked with your Google Pay App. So no need to worry about how to get cashback from the scratch cards which you have earned from your recharges. It'll be auto-sent to your Google Pay Linked Bank Account.

Apart from this Recharge Cashback Offer they are still providing the Refer & Earn Offer on Google Pay App. Where you can get 51 Rs. Sign Up Bonus if you are a new user on the "Google Pay App". The person who is inviting you, will also get the referral amount on your First Transactions.

How To Get Google Pay Scratch Cards on Mobile Recharge?

  • First of all, Download the Google Pay App.
  • Now Login/Sign up on the Google Pay App.
  • If you are a new user then use this Google Pay Referral Code -YF77I to get Sign Up Bonus.
  • After this, Go to the New >> Bill Payments >> Mobile Option.
  • Now Initiate the Recharge on Your Mobile and Get the Google Pay Scratch Cards.
  • See the Below Table to Check the Scratch Cards Amount. Which you'll get on your Recharge.
  • You can earn up to 440 Rs Worth Scratch Cards From the Google Pay Recharge Offer.
Google Pay Recharge OfferGoogle Pay Scratch Cards
On the Recharge of 50 Rs.Worth Rs. 10 to 40 Rs.
On the Recharge of 150 Rs.Worth Rs. 15 to 100 Rs.
On the Recharge of 500 Rs.Worth Rs. 20 to 300 Rs.

Google Pay Recharge Offer Period:-

Google Pay Recharge Offer is going to end on 10 December 2018.

Terms & Conditions For Google Pay Recharge Offer:-

  • This offer applies to Payments made using Google Pay App.
  • You'll earn only one scratch card for every eligible recharge.
  • You can earn up to a maximum of 3 scratch card rewards during the offer period.

Ending Essence:-

So this was the post about Google Pay Recharge Offer. Where you can earn scratch card reward on your Mobile Recharge. The Scratch cards will contain some amount that will be directly sent to your Bank account. So use this Google Pay Recharge Cashback Offer to recharge your mobile at low prices.