Facebook Research App - Refer and Earn PayPal/Bank Cash

Facebook Research App:- Facebook Research Program is also known as Applause uTest Mobile Research Project. The Applause is the company that is operating the "Mobile Research Project" on the behalf of Facebook(FB)with the help of uTest tool. Mainly calling this research project as "Facebook Research App" by installing this app on your Android Smartphones you can earn PayPal Cash.  Which you can later withdraw into your Paytm Payments Bank or any of your Bank account. This Facebook Mobile Research App has also introduced the Refer and Earn option.

In Facebook Research app you can Refer this app to your Friend to Join this Research Program to earn some PayPal cash. As we know that this program is handling by the uTest Applause. Somewhat a genuine name for conducting such Mobile Research Program to monitor the behavior of a person. How actually they are using their Mobile. So if you are interested to earn some cash by compromising with their terms and conditions of monitoring behavior of your Mobile usage then you can give a try to Facebook Research App Program.

What is Facebook Research App Program:-

Facebook Research Program is somewhat like Social Media Paid Project. Where Participants take part and get paid by their participation. In exchange for this participants have to compromise with their data like how they actually use the social media paths. Like in this Facebook Mobile Research App Program. Participants, Who are going to be part of this research have to Install a Facebook Research App on their Android Smartphones. This Research App will track all the data of your usage by running in the background of your mobile.
Facebook Research App Refer and Earn Paypal Cash
This app will later generate a statics of your usage patterns like data usage, browsing behavior, social behavior and some other trends in order to provide the better user experience. So if you are intended to take part in this research project even after knowing all this then you can continue reading the post. Or you can leave the post asap. As this Facebook Research App required your data to do their internal research purpose to enhance the social experience of the users.

Comparing with other apps like MobileXpression. You have to do the same thing there. Just keeping the app install on your mobile phone and have to collect the points weekly. After that, they were providing the Gift vouchers at the end of the month. Same thing you have to do for Facebook Research App. Register on the Facebook Research app, give all the necessary permissions to the app and keep checking whether this app is running in the background or not. At the end of the month, you'll get $ 5 in your PayPal account. 

Now if you are thinking about to give a try to this Facebook Research app then you can do that by using your secondary device. Which you don't use mostly for the safety purpose. How To "Register on Facebook Research App"? For registering on the Facebook Research App there is some process which we are going to tell you in this post with briefly. How you earn from Facebook Research applause program app? For this, you should have PayPal account. If you don't have then first create the Paypal account. After this, you have been thinking about "referral program of Facebook Research App". In their Referral Program, they are giving $10 for each successful referral. So in Refer and Earn Program, you have to invite your friends who are interested and make sure to whom you are inviting they should also have PayPal Account registered with the same email address.

How To Register For Facebook Research Program (Applause uTest)?

To get register for the Facebook Research Program app. First, you have to request that person who has already registered on the Facebook Research App. After appealing to them, they will try to invite you to this Facebook Research Program. Later on, you'll be able to register on this Facebook App (Research). After registering you'll be able to earn $5 monthly as per sign up bonus reward. At the same time, you can also be able to invite other to Join this "Applause uTest Facebook Research Program".

Requirements for Facebook Research Program App:-

  • Android Mobile with Android Version 6.0 or above. 
  • Apple iOS Version 8.0 
  • PayPal  Registered Email ID (As you'll receive your monthly payout in Paypal account)
  • Facebook Research App Program is Based on Invite Only. So Invite is necessary to Join Facebook Research Applause Research Program.

Steps to Register on Facebook Research App Applause Program:-

  • As you know that this program is based on "Invite and Join". So you have to send your Registered Paypal Email Id(You can later register that Email ID on Paypal) here INVITE ME.
  • After this, you'll get a mail from Facebook Research Program after 24 hours.
  • Now in the Email, you will get the option of "Sign Up" click on it and fill your details to "Register for the Facebook Research App".
Sign Up

  • Make sure you are using the same Email ID which you are going to use on Paypal account.
  • Simply Register with that Email ID from which you have a created PayPal account or you are later going to create it for this Applause Program.
  • After registering on the Facebook Research App Program. You'll get another mail where you will get Link and Instructions to Download and Install the App in your Mobile phone.
Installation of Facebook Research App

  • Just stick with that Email and Follow the Instructions such as after downloading the app, to verify it Enter the Red Code in that Facebook Research App. You can read this in your Email.
Successfully Installed Facebook Research App

  • After doing this give all the necessary permission to this Facebook research App. Keep Checking that this app is working in the Background or not.
  • Done! Now Keep Checking this App Daily to make sure it's working properly.

Instructions for MI Xiaomi Redmi Devices:-

  • In Xiaomi Redmi Devices Make sure that you have given the Auto Start Permission to this Facebook Research App.
  • To enable this go to Settings>Permissions>Auto Start now Turn on Auto Start for Facebook Research App.
  • One more thing while Installing the Facebook Research App It'll also ask some permission to Install VPN Certificates to Install. So keep in mind while installing the app give all the permission carefully to avoid any issue. It'll also ask for Allow Usage Access, click on the pop up while installing and do it. Accessibility Permission is also required for the Facebook Research App.
  • Keep Checking the Facebook Research App Daily.
  • After a few hours later you'll get another mail to Update your Payments Details and Refer a Friend.
  • Just Update your Payments details by Submitting the Email of your Paypal account.
  • Another mail will come for the successful installation of the App.
  • Now you are ready to keep this app installed in your Mobile phone and keep checking daily whether it is working properly or not. 
  • On the 15th of every month, you'll get 5$ Paypal cash into your account.

How To Refer and Earn on Facebook Research Program App?

In Facebook Research Program app you can also refer and earn PayPal cash. You just have to invite your friends and ask them to follow all the necessary steps to Join this Applause Facebook Research Program. For every successful referral, you'll get 10$. You can read all the instructions in the mail which you'll get.

Steps to Invite your Friends for Refer and Earn on Facebook Research Program App:-

  • In the 3rd mail, you'll get the option of "Refer a Friend".
  • Click on that option, there you'll get a Google Form.
  • Just Fill that form and Invite your friend to Join Facebook Research Program.
  • In that form, First Two field Enter your Name and Email
  • In next field enter your friend's name and his email.
  • Leave the rest field as it is.
  • Done. Now your friend will get an Email within 24 hours.

How To Use Facebook Research Program App on Emulators (PC)?

Can we use Facebook Research Applause Program App on Emulators Like Bluestacks, Nox Player or Memo Player on Laptop or Pc? Yes! We can use "Emulators for Facebook Research App". So who were very cautious about their privacy whether they should use this Facebook Applause App on their Android Smartphones or not? Then here we have the answer for it.

For Safety Purpose you can use Emulators for Facebook Research App without pondering much about your security or data stealing by this app. You must have been thinking about "Facebook Research App" whether it is safe to use this "Facebook Mobile Test Project App" on your Android and you have been thinking to use this app in an alternate way. Then Emulators are the best option to use this Facebook Research App.

By using these Emulators on your Personal Computer or Laptop you can easily earn monthly Payout from Facebook Applause program without giving your single information to such apps. As Emulators are safe to use on Laptop without sharing your personal information or you can say your sensitive data. Which this Facebook Research App is going to extract from your personal android smartphones. You can read the below "trick to use emulators for facebook research app".

Steps To Use Emulators For Facebook Research App:-

  • First of all Download any Emulators for your Laptop or Pc.
  • Install it properly on your Laptop.
  • Now follow the Installation process of Facebook Research Program App.
  • After this Install the Facebook Research App on your Emulators.
  • Keep Checking the App Daily Whether it is working properly on your Emulators or not.
  • Done! Now Expect the $5 monthly as your payout from this Facebook App.

Monthly Payout for Facebook Research App Program:-

  • Earn $5 per month for each month you are active in the program.
  • Earn $10 per month for each referral that signs up for the project within 30 days of you joining the program and remains active for at least 20 days.
  • Earn $5 per month for each referral that signs up for the project after 30 days of you joining the program and remains active for at least 20 days.
  • Earn a $20 bonus per month for every five active referrals (e.g., if you have 10 referrals that were active in a given month, you will earn a $40 bonus that month; if you have 15, you will earn $60, etc.).

Mobikwik UPI Cashback Offer- Get Upto Rs 1500 Cashback Directly into Bank

Mobikwik UPI Cashback Offer:- Mobikwik is now following the trend of giving cashback on UPI transactions like Bhim UPI App, Paytm UPI Cashback and some other Bhim ABPB UPI cashback offers to allure their consumers. Even though they haven't yet completely removed their Supercash Balance system to play the trick with consumers mind to trap them to do transactions for their Supercash. However, Users has become smarter than ever to convert the supercash into paytm or any other cash. But let me draw your attention to their newly launched offer of "Mobikwik UPI Cashback offer".
In Mobikwik UPI Cashback Offer, You are going to get a chance to earn up to Rs. 1500 for the first 15 transactions. What does that mean actually? For the first 15 transactions? Yup, that simply means for every UPI transactions which you are going to make using the @ikwik UPI (Virtual Private Address). You'll get instant cashback for the same. The Cashback amount may vary from 5 Rs to 20 Rs. That's why the Mobikwik has quoted as "up to Rs. 1500 Cashback". Unlike other UPI Cashback Offers Such as Paytm UPI Cashback offer, Bhim ABPB Cashback offer you have to do some unique transactions using the different UPI IDs (Virtual Private Address) to be eligible for cashback.
Mobikwik UPI Cashback Offer
But in Mobikwik UPI Cashback Offer you have to use their @ikwik UPI IDs to make the transactions if you want to get cashback on every UPI transactions made by using their @ikwik UPI ids. That simply means you have to do UPI transactions with Mobikwik users. Apart from this, the interesting thing is that you can do UPI transaction of the minimum amount of Rs.5 and you can get up to 100 Rs per UPI transactions. Which is surely based on your Luck I think. However, the offer is quite obvious to grab something. It's better to have something than nothing. So how to earn cashback from Mobikwik? If you are asking this question to your self then read the below steps.

How To Get Cashback From Mobikwik UPI Cashback offer:-

To get cashback for every UPI transactions made on Mobikwik App using the @ikwik UPI Ids. You first have to download the Mobikwik App. After this, you have to set up your bank account. If you have already done with this and ready to earn cashback from mobikwik upi cashback offer the follow the steps below.

Steps To Avail Mobikwik UPI Cashback Offer:-

  • First of all Download the Mobikwik App.
  • After this Open the app Login/Sign up to your Account.
  • Now on the Homepage, you'll see "Transfer Money"
  • Click on it and you have to set up your bank account.
  • After that create UPI ID.
  • Now come back to the Homepage again and Click on "Transfer Money".
  • Now enter the UPI of any of your friends mobikwik upi ids like 98......@ikwik.
  • Send minimum 5 Rs using your mobikwik upi id to another mobikwik upi id.
  • After this, you will get instant cashback from Rs. 5 to 20 for the first 2 tries.
  • You can also get the chance to earn Rs.100 Cashack for the UPI transactions on Mobikwik.

Terms and Conditions:-

  • Offer Valid On Minimum Transfer Of Rs 5 Or More.
  • Valid On 1st 15 UPI Transactions Only.
  • On Every Transaction, You Can Earn CashbacUp to Rs.100.
  • Every Transfer Must Be Unique In Mobikwik App.
  • One Person Can Try Maximum 15 Times Only.

Ending Essence:-

So this was the post about how anyone can get cashback from mobikwik upi cashback offer by sending minimum 5 Rs to their Mobikwik friends and family. Just transfer the minimum amount of 5 Rs using the mobikwik upi ids to get instant cashback up to 1500 Rs. So use this UPI cashback offer asap to get some assured cashback

Paytm UPI Cashback Offer :- Earn 750 Rs by Sending Money Via UPI

Paytm App UPI Cashback Offer:- Paytm has come up with its new cashback offer. Where you can earn up to 750 Rs by just sending money to 5 Unique UPI IDs. You'll get 250 Rs Cashback on sending 5000 Rs to any UPI address using your Paytm Bank UPI ID. This "Paytm UPI Cashback Offer" is Valid for all users. Yes, you can easily earn up to 750 Rs by doing transactions above 5000 Rs for different UPI IDs.

You have to send 5000 Rs to 5 UPI IDs in order to earn cashback of 250 Rs. You can use this offer 3 times which simply means you can grab up to 750 Rs by doing 15 transactions on Unique UPI IDs. But don't worry we are going to tell you how you can easily grab 250 Rs cashback using this Paytm UPI Cashback offer. 
Paytm UPI Cashback Offer
Remember that you have to use your Paytm Bank UPI ID to send money to any of yours Tez UPI ID, Phonepe UPI IDs, Bhim UPI IDs etc. In this way, you'll be eligible to earn this cashback offer. As you know that on Phonepe you can create up to 3 UPI ID in a day. So you can use phonepe to send money 3 three times.

How To Avail Paytm UPI Cashback Offer of 5 Pe 250 UPI Offer?

  • First of all Download the Latest Paytm Version Download Paytm.
  • After that Login to your Paytm account.
  • Now Click on your Profile Option.
  • On the bottom, you'll see "Cashback Offer"
  • Click on it and you'll see the banner of 5 pe 250 UPI.
  • Now Click on it and activate offer.
  • After this Send Money to any UPI like Tez, Phonepe, Bhim extra.
  • Keep this thing when you send the first time you'll see claim 50 Rs offer.
  • Don't claim on it and click on 250 Rs Cashback offer.
  • After this, your offer will unlock and send more 4 times 5000 Rs using Paytm UPI to another UPI address.
  • You can track how many UPI transactions you have made on the same cashback offer section.
  • When you complete this offer you'll get 250 Rs Cashback free of cost.
  • Now you can follow all steps 2 more times to get 750 Rs free of cost.

Special Trick:-

Trick To Generate Unlimited UPI IDs

If you don't have enough UPI Ids then you can use Phonepe to generate 3 UPI IDs. But still, we required more UPI Ids to get 750 Rs UPI Cashback in our Paytm. So for this use "Bhim KotakPay app". and generate UPI IDs from this. You can do one more thing you can add paytm bank account there on Bhim Kotak Pay App. So every time you send money using your Paytm Bank UPI ID it'll be reverted back to Paytm Bank itself and you can do your 15 UPI transactions easily.

Steps to Change UPI ID in Bhim Kotak Pay App:-

  • First Open the Bhim Kotak Pay.
  • Click on Bank Account Option.
  • After that Tap on Virtual Private Address.
  • Now there you'll see Edit option.
  • After this Fill any Unique ID and Click on Verify Option.
  • Done. Now you are ready to use this UPI ID to send money via Paytm UPI.

Ending Essence:-

So this was the Paytm Cashback UPI offer to earn some cashback up to 750 Rs. Now you can use Bhim Kotak Pay to generate unlimited UPI ids for Paytm UPI Cashback offer.

Paytm Refer & Earn Program - Earn 250 Rs Cashback Per Refer & Get 2000 Rs Per Month

Paytm Refer and Earn Program -  Paytm has already given a lot of cashback offers to their users. Most of them were in form of getting cashback on Daily Essentials on Paytm Mall. Now Paytm has brought the new referral program that is Paytm Travel Buddy Refer and Earn Program. In this Refer and Earn Program of Paytm.You will get 250 Rs per invite to your friends. You can earn up to Rs. 2000 per month. In this "Refer and Earn Offer of Paytm" you will be given a unique "Invite Code". If your friend uses this Invite code to book their first ever Flight Tickets or Bus Tickets then they will get instant 10% and 20% respectively.
Paytm Refer and Earn offer is valid for both Old and New users. This Offer is applicable only on Flights and Bus bookings. If you travel a lot then this Paytm Referral Program is only for you. You can take the advantage of this "Refer and Earn Offer". How to avail this offer? To avail, this offer is very simple when your friend uses your Invite code to book their Flights then they will get up to 5000 Rs cashback and on every successful journey, you'll get 250 Rs Cash on Flight and 50 Rs for Bus Booking.
Paytm Refer and Earn Cashback Offer

Since "Paytm Refer and Earn Offer" is only applicable for earning cashback for your traveling pursuits. So you can use this referral program of paytm to earn cashback on your traveling whether you are using any transport mediums which come under to this offer program on which Paytm is liable to give you Cashback of worth 250 Rs per invite to your friends and you can earn up to 2000 Rs monthly by using this offer.

However, If you don't have any travel buddy invite code and you are really eager to use this "Paytm refer and Earn of Travel Cashback program. Then you can use our Travel Buddy Invite Code. Our Travel buddy invite code is

How To Get Paytm Invite Code and Earn 250Rs Per Referral?

  • First of all Download the Paytm App.
  • Now Login/Sign Up
  • Go to the Flight Option Section.
  • There you'll see the Banner of "Get Rs.250 Cashback on Every Invite".
  • Now Click on it. You will see something like "Invite your friends".
  • In the bottom, of that, you can see the Invite Code. Copy the code and Share with your friends.

How To Apply Invite Code For Booking Flights and Bus?

  • Click on Bus and Flight Option.
  • Enter your Journey details of Bus or Flights.
  • In the promo code section. Enter the Invite Code.
  • After successful completion of your referral journey, you'll get 250 Rs cashack.

Terms and Conditions:-

  • Valid only on Android app.
  • Valid only When your Friend uses your Invite Code for booking Bus or Flights.
  • Paytm Cashback will be processed as Cashback Coupons.
  • You Can't use your referral code for bookings.

Ending Essence:-

So this was the post about how you can refer your friends on paytm to get cashback on booking bus and flights ticket. Hope you'll share your Invite code to your friends to help them out for their journey in order to get some cashback coupons for Bus and Flights Bookings.

How To Ban Members To Send Messages on WhatsApp Group

Restrict/Ban Members to Send/Post Messages On WhatsApp Group:- Facebook Owned WhatsApp has now finally launched one of the best features to ban group members from posting messages on WhatsApp Group. WhatsApp has provided the unique "Super Power" to the Group'Admins to restrict group members from posting irreverent messages, photos, links, videos etc. Now group members won't be able to send such messages without taking the permission of group admins. If you were also the group admins of some "WhatsApp Group" and had been tired of warning to your group members against posting Gifs, Messages, Links, Voice messages etc without permission. Now you can restrict WhatsApp group chat to post admin-only. And you can prevent your group from posting unwanted messages by your group members.
Being a group admin of a WhatsApp group. I had been tired of always reminding to the members that they are not allowed to send or post any links, messages, videos on that particular group which is nowhere related to the motive of the group which we have created for. But still, there are few members who are the culprits to spam the group for no reason. To ban such members from posting in the group. You can use this feature name "Send Messages" which you can find in your Group Settings and then "Choose who can send messages to this group" and choose "Only Admins". By selecting this option only group admins will be able to post messages on WhatsApp Group.
Ban Members from Sending Messages in Group
WhatsApp has already rolled " Delete Messages For Everyone" feature that grant users to delete or revoke their messages before the time limit if the message was sent by mistake. By using this feature you can easily revoke your wrong sent messages. But as usual, we Indians try to juice up this feature by sending the messages and then delete it before reading those messages by the receiver to leave them in suspense. However, apart from this funny thing WhatsApp Inc just introduced some features for group admins and naming it as "Admin Controls" where an Admin can restrict members to change the group description to the admin only. 

WhatsApp's Admin Controls" features give the admin a restricting power to stop the group members from posting. By using this feature an admin can easily restrict or ban group people/members to send any spammy links or photos and messages. Usng the same method you can create a WhatsApp group where only admins can send messages. Soon this feature will be available on latest WhatsApp Update. But if you want this feature for your group then we are going to share this little trick to get this feature of banning members from posting on WhatsApp group. If you haven't got this feature then you can try WhatsApp beta update. Now in this post, we are going to take the help of latest "GB WhatsApp Update". But before diving into the following steps. If you haven't tried the WhatsApp Payments Feature then go to this post that is get WhatsApp Payment Invite.

How To Ban/Restrict Members To Send Messages on WhatsApp Group?

So how you are going to ban/stop your group's members to send/post messages to your group. Even though you have warned them several times not to do that. But still, they post some irrelevant posts in the group. Now you can ban them easily by following the below steps. Here in this post, we haven't yet got this feature officially while writing this post. So we going to use GB WhatsApp and will download its latest version on our Android Smartphone. As we don't recommend to use GB WhatsApp personally but if you need this feature then you have to enable it via GB WhatsApp App. Later you can uninstall the GB WhatsApp. We also going to leave the link of latest GB WhatsApp App from there you can download it. So read the steps below.

Steps to Restrict/Ban Members from sending Messages on WhatsApp Group:-

  • First of all Download the latest version of GB WhatsApp Download GB WhatsApp.
  • After this register on GB WhatsApp app with your another number.
  • Now you have to add this (GB WhatsApp Number) into your group by using your main WhatsApp Number that is your Official WhatsApp where you have created your group.
  • After this made the admin of this new number in your WhatsApp Group.
Restrict Members to post in WhatsApp

  • After that open up your GB WhatsApp and then there you'll see your group.
  • Open the group and Tap on the Group's name and one more time.
  • After this, you'll see some options, scroll down and you'll see "Group Settings".
Create WhatsApp Group Where admins can post

  • Click on Group Settings, you'll find the "Send Messages" option.
Create WhatsApp Group Where Admins can Post only

  • Now Tap on it and you'll see two options to select, one is All Participants and another one is Only Admins.
  • Choose the Only Admins option and you are ready to rock.
Restrict Members to Post in WhatsApp Group

  • Now only the admins will be allowed to send messages to that particular group.


This feature is now no longer supported by WhatsApp. Now you can't use this GB WhatsApp Method to Enable this "Only Admins Can Send Messages" for your group. As WABETA has removed this feature. Now you only rely on the Upcoming WhatsApp Official Update.

Ending Essence:-

So if you haven't got this feature update of banning members from posting messages into your WhatsApp group and want this feature right now then you can use the GB WhatsApp app trick to enable ban member from sending messages. By using this you can create a WhatsApp group where only admins can send messages. This will surely help you to manage your WhatsApp group like Telegram Channel. Where subscribers can see only messages but can't post anything. WhatsApp is also adapting feature from Telegram and it is one of them I guess.