Yogo Video Refer & Earn Loot Earn PayPal Cash

Yogo Video Refer & Earn PayPal Cash:- Yogo Video App is here to give a chance to earn PayPal Cash by Referring this App to your Friends. By using the "Yogo Referral Code" you can sign up on the App & can get 10 Rs bonus instantly which you can later redeem by uploading various videos on YogoVideo App.

YogoVideo App is same like VigoVideo App. Where you can also earn PayPal cash. The pattern for these apps is almost the same. Where you have to show your "Talent" using your short videos. On the Yogo Video Refer & Earn offer (Loot) you can get some sign-up bonus as well as referral bonus too.
Yogo Video Refer & Earn Loot Earn PayPal Cash
In Yogo Video App you have to collect some coins in order to redeem these coins into bank cash that is PayPal Cash. Collect more coins by uploading Videos on the YogoVideo App & then redeem it for Real Money. 
"YogoVideo App is somewhat like the same apps. Which you have been using. It is like Vigo Video, Tik-Tok etc"
Considering the earning of the Real Money you can read our other posts which related to earning such as Meesho App Refer & Earn. Apart from this, you can give a heed to get PayPal earning by reading these posts. One of them is Komparify PayPal Offer and another one is PayPal Zingoy Offer.

Yogo Video Refer & Earn Loot Earn PayPal Cash:-

On the YogoVideo App, now you can earn through "Refer & Earn Offer". Where you have to use Yogo Referral/Invitation Code to get Sign Up Bonus.

  • First of all Download the App
  • Copy the YogoVideo App Referral Code -
  • Now Install the YogoVideo App
  • Open the App and Enter the Invitation/Referral Code.
  • You'll get Sign Up Bonus.

How To Refer & Earn on YogoVideo App?

To earn through referring this app to your Friends. First, you have to copy your Invitation/Referral Code. Later you can ask them to put your Yogo Referral Code while they are going to register on the Yogo Video App. So that you can both get some Bonus.

  • Open the Yogo Video App.
  • Copy Your Yogo Video Referral Code.
  • Now Start Sharing your Yogo Referral/Invite Code to your Friends.

Ending Essence:-

So this was the post about Yogo Video App. Where you can earn PayPal Cash by Referring Yogo Video App to your friends. Later you can redeem your earned cash into your Bank Account

How To Get Free Amazon Prime Account (One Month Trial)

How To Get Amazon Prime For Free - That may be the silly question to ask about as Amazon India as already added the free amazon prime subscriptions in 999 Rs per year. Amazon India has also introduced the Amazon Prime Membership Free For One Month on the Trial Basis. Where you can get  "Amazon Prime membership free (30-days free trial) with Pockets App Trick". As we know that it is based on the Trial period for one month so we need to verify our Debit/Credit Cards to verify our Identity to avail the Amazon Prime Subscription.
Free Amazon Prime Account (One Month Trial) 30-Days
Amazon Prime Pockets App Trick:- Amazon Prime Membership Includes Various Features. If you are going to purchase the Amazon Prime Membership then you can avail various things which only liable to Prime Membership Subscribers. Such as Free Fast Delivery on eligible items, Unlimited Streaming of the latest TV series and Movies etc. We have already shared how you can get Cash on Delivery (COD) or Pay On Delivery (POD) on Amazon.

How To Get Amazon Prime Video For Free:- To get free Amazon Prime Membership you need to have the mentioned Credit/ Debit cards to purchase it. As it is required to verify your card. Then you'll be able to enjoy the Amazon Prime Membership trial in India. Amazon has mentioned only a few cards that are eligible to get free amazon prime account for one month
Download the Pockets App and Use the Referral Code:- POC0015868. After this get the Free Virtual Debit Card that you can use to Create Free Amazon Prime Account or You can also Create a Free Netflix Premium Account.
Amazon Prime Membership Fee:- Fee for Amazon Prime Membership is 999 Rs per year. But they are also providing the 30-Day Free Trial For One Month. After that, you have to pay 129 Rs. per month. Since we are here talking about Free Amazon Prime Membership then we are going to tell you how you can use Virtual Debit Card to buy/purchase free amazon prime membership.

How To Get Free Amazon Prime Account (One Month Trial) With Amazon Pockets App Trick?

To Get Amazon Prime Free Trial you have to use HDFC, ICICI Debit/Credit Cards. As they have tied up with only these Debit/Credit cards to verify your identity to provide you one month 30-days free trial. If somehow you don't have any of the above-mentioned cards then you can use the Pockets App by ICICI to get Free Virtual Debit Cards to create free amazon prime account.
Important Things To Notice:-
  • Must Use the Referral Code:-POC0015868 While Signing Up on the Pockets App.
  • As It'll provide you 10 Rs. Sign Bonus. Which you can use while creating your Amazon Prime account.
  • Amazon Prime Trial account needs 2 Rs. Verification Charge to Verify your Pockets App's Virtual Card.
  • If it needs PAN CARD number on Pockets App then you can give NRJPP67XXX (Example:-NRJPP6745F).
  • While creating your Prime account or Netflix Premium Account you have to verify with OTP and 3-D Secure PIN.
  • In 3-D Secure PIN you can enter any 6-DIGIT Code.

Steps To Get Free Virtual Debit Cards From Pockets App:-

  • First of Download the Pockets App from here Download Pockets App.
  • After that Install the App.
  • Now Skip the Intro Part.
  • After that Verify your Number with OTP.
  • Now Enter the Referral Code:- POC0015868 (Must Enter to Get Free 10 Rs Bonus).
  • After this Fill the Required Details and you are done.
  • On the Dashboard of the App, you'll see the Card Details.
  • Copy the Card details and Follow the below steps to create Free Amazon Account.

Steps To Create Free Amazon Prime Account For One Month 30-days trial:-

  • Go to the Amazon Prime Video 
  • Now Create the New Account on the Amazon
  • After that Click on "Try Prime"
  • Now After this Click on Try Prime For "30-Days For Free"
  • After this, you need to Enter the Card Details to Verify it.
  • It'll cost you 2 Rs that is refundable. So must use the Referral Code in Pockets App.
  • Now Enter the Address Details and Click on Continue Option.
  • If asking for Number to Verify it with OTP then use 2nd Line App U.S. Number.
  • On the Next Page Enter the Valid From Details from seeing the card details in Pockets App & D.O.B which you have used while signing up on the Pockets App.
  • After this Select the Mobile Number (Which you used for registering on Pockets App).
  • Now Enter the OTP & Enter any 3D 6-digit Code and Click on Submit Option.
  • You'll be charged 2 Rs after successful transactions.
  • Boom! You've got one month 30-days free amazon prime account.

Ending Essence:-

That's how you can use Pockets App's Virtual Debit Card to create free amazon prime membership with this Amazon Prime Pockets App Trick. You don't need to use your personal debit/credit card to purchase the Amazon Prime Membership. Using the Virtual Card you can safely use 30-days free amazon prime membership.

Google Duo Invite & Earn Unlimited Trick - Get Google Pay (Tez) Scratch Cards

Google Duo Unlimited Invite & Earn Trick:- Google Duo is a Video Calling App from Google providing the best calling app. Now Google Duo is giving Google Pay (Tez) Scratch Cards. Where you can earn up to 1000 Rs. Just Invite people on "Google Duo & Earn Google Pay Scratch Cards". We are going to share Google Duo Invite & Earn Unlimited Trick.

In Google Duo Invite & Earn Tez Scratch Cards, you can get up to 30 Google Pay Tez Scratch cards. Where you can get up to 1000 Rupees from each scratch cards. Even though you'll get assured prize money from each scratch cards. It's all depends on your Luck.

Most of the people are not getting the "Google Duo Invite Link" to get the Referral Scratch Cards. So don't worry Google Duo Invite & Earn offer in a slow-mo situation. So use the below Google duo Invite Link to get Unlimited Google Pay (Tez) Scratch Cards.
Google Duo Invite & Earn Unlimited Trick - Get Google Pay (Tez) Scratch Cards
Before diving into the whole process of getting "unlimited google tez scratch cards from Google Duo". Make sure that you are going to read all the steps carefully. As it needs some patience & quick grasping power to memorize all the steps.

Google Duo Invite & Earn Unlimited Trick - Get Google Pay (Tez) Scratch Cards

To be the part of the Google Duo Invite & Earn Offer. You need to install the Google Duo App first from the below given link. Now use that link and install the Google Duo App. Afterward, follow the whole process to get unlimited google duo scratch cards for google pay.

Requirements To Get Unlimited Google Duo Google (Tez) Pay Scratch Cards:-

We need a few things to get unlimited google duo google pay scratch cards. So read the below-mentioned things to get the unlimited google Tez scratch cards.
  • Unlimited Numbers, Use 2nd Line or TextNow App.
  • Latest Google Duo App.
  • Google Pay (Tez) Account.

How To Get Unlimited Google Duo Google Tez Scratch Cards?

  • First of all Download the Google Duo App.
  • Register on the Google Duo App.
  • Enter Your Number & Verify it With OTP.
  • Now Click on Invite If somehow you get your Invite Link then it's Okay Otherwise Leave it.
  • Use the Same Email Address of Google Pay(Tez) Account while Registering on Google Duo.
  • Done. Now follow the below steps carefully.

Google Duo Invite & Earn Unlimited Trick:-

  • First of All, Open the Google Duo App & Delete Your Account.
  • Now Open the 2nd Line App & Get Free U.S. Number.
  • After this Clear the Data of the Google Duo App.
  • Now Follow this Link to Register on Google Duo App Click Here.
  • You'll be redirected to the Chrome Brower & then Click on Redeem Rewards & Google Duo App will be Open.
  • Now Enter the 2nd Line U.S. generated Number & Verify it with OTP.
  • Make sure you use the Same Email Address of Google Pay (Tez ) Account.
  • Wait for few seconds & you'll see Congratulations Message. Now wait again for a few seconds and Choose the Google Pay (Tez) Email Address and follow the steps & then Invite Randomly.
Google Duo Invite & Earn Unlimited Trick - Get Google Pay (Tez) Scratch Cards

  • After this Open your Google Tez Pay Account & Scratch Cards & Collect Your Reward Money.

Google Duo Invite & Earn Unlimited Video Trick:-

Now check the below video after reading the whole post carefully. So that you can easily get Google Pay (Tez) Scratch Cards Unlimited Times.

Ending Essence:-

So this was the post about how you can get unlimited google duo to google tez scratch cards. Where you can earn direct bank cash money through Google Pay Tez App. So follow the steps carefully & earn unlimited money.

BalleBaazi Refer and Earn- Get Rs 50 on Sign Up and Earn Real Cash

BalleBaazi Refer and Earn:- We all are the huge fan of Cricket and also we have a great knowledge of Cricket Players either they are Indian players or Foreigner. A very large excitement of our people towards such a game brings an invitation for the companies that provide real money. If you haven't understood then we are going to tell you that there are many companies like Dream11, Halaplay, Palayerzpot, Fantain and much more are providing real money directly to your Bank Account.

Meesho Refer Earn - Get 250 Rs Bank Cash.

Our mean to say that if you have a great knowledge of Cricket then you can earn easily and a huge amount to your Account. These are the online platforms where you have to play the game or we can say that you are the selector of your own team. Different Websites have different rule and regulations.

BalleBaazi App Referral Code:-

Ballebaazi Android App:Download App
Ballebaazi Referral Code:SHYA0Z1
Ballebaazi Signup Bonus:Rs.50
Ballebaazi Referral Bonus:Rs.50
Fantasy Sports Avail To Play:Cricket
More Trusted Fantasy Sites:List Of Top Fantasy Apps

So, keep rules in mind and convert your knowledge into your earning. Many questions come to your mind that Is these games are legal or not. Before registering on any website or app you should have to read their agreements that they are following our Indian Law or not. So, Here we are going to tell you a website named "BalleBaazi.com".Let's read more about this site.
BalleBaazi Refer and Earn, Ballebaazi app, Ballebaazi apk

BalleBaazi.com:- BalleBaazi.com is a Fantasy sport like Dream11, Halaplay.This website was launched in 2017. Only the age of above 18 years can play here. BalleBaazi offers you to create 11 members team from both opponents and then select your Captain and Vice-Captain. Caption scores 2x point and Vice-Captain scores 1.5x points. If you are not comfortable with 11 members team, you can play different formats like you can choose your 5 best batsmen team and you can include your 5 best bowlers to create your team. According to your various teams, there are plenty of paid leagues which you can join with your suitable wallet balance.
There are various play fantasy cricket games where you can win Real Cash that'd be bank transferrable too. We are providing some best fantasy cricket win cash games. By playing these fantasy cricket you can make sound money using your cricket-knowledge skill.

This is a new Fantasy site so that your chances of winnings are more. It's a genuine website and now BalleBaazi app is available at this time, very few are familiar with this website. So don't be late and starts playing and earn more. As there is no mention any refer and earn program but still you get referral bonus by entering a referral code.
Step:-1 How to get Registered on BalleBaazi Fantasy

  • First of all, you have to go on BalleBaazi.
  • Here you can see two option, First for Login and other for Register.
  • if you are existing user can do login or if you haven't registered here can be registered via Facebook or Google.
  • You can fill form mention below like Enter your Name, Email-ID, Password, D.O.B 
  • The most important option is the Referral code "SHYA0Z1".Enter this Code in your Referral checkbox.
  • Referral code is necessary to get Rs 50 bonus.
  • Mark tick to the box which is for Terms & Privacy.
  • Filling all things and last click on "Register" button.
  • Successfully, you have created your account on BalleBaazi.
Step:-2 How to Play BalleBaazi Fantasy

  • First of all Login your account.
  • Select any Series and Click your suitable match Click on "Create Team."
  • BalleBaazi site provides 100 points to you for creating your team.
  • You have to select 1 Wicket Keeper,3-5 Batsmen, 3-5 Bowlers, and maximum 3 all-rounders in your team.
  • Keep ensuring that you have a total of only 11 players only.
  • After creating your team Select one player as Captain and another one as Vice-Captain.
  • Join any league that suits your balance.

Step:-3 Ballebaazi Fantasy Refer and Earn

  • The step refers to and earn is very important for everyone.
  • This site doesn't mention any refer and earn scheme on its website but you can earn cash bonus by just inviting your friends just follow some instructions.
  • Click on "three vertical line" on right upper side.
  • Click on "Edit Profile" option.
  • Here you can see your Personal details which you have fill during registration.
  • Just Scroll down and you can see Your User Name and Your Referral Code.
  • Copy your Referral Code and send it to your friends.
  • One thing you have to keep in mind that you can change your Name, D.O.B, and your Phone Number until your account got fully verified.

Step:-4 Adding or Withdrawal Money

Adding or Withdrawal of money is also the main thing in any Fantasy sites and apps.
Adding Money-Go to "My Account" and Click on Add. BalleBaazi provides 3 Adding money methods.
  1. Cards-You can Enter your Credit/Debit Card Number, CVV, Expiry, and Name on the card through this you can add money instantly.
  2. Banks-You can add money your Bank Account 
  3. Wallets- BalleBaazi also offers many Digital Wallet for adding money to your Account. These wallets are Oxygen Wallet, Freecharge wallet, Payzapp wallet, Airtel Wallet and Pay cash wallet.
Withdrawal- Once you earned Rs 200 by playing, then you would be eligible to transfer your earning to your Bank Account. You can redeem From 200-2,00,000 Rs. But before Withdrawal, you have to verify your "BalleBaazi" Account.

Promotion: BalleBazzi App provides various cashback to their users while adding money. Whenever any user adds money for playing upcoming match into their  BalleBaazi App wallet, then you have given some promo codes which you can apply and get an additional cash bonus. Now, Diwali is very cl0se and they are providing 100% bonus while adding money. Let's come and check various Promo codes.

DIWALI101: You will get 100% Extra Cash Bonus when you add money of Rs 101 and you should apply the promo code "DIWALI101".
DIWALI501: You will get 100% Extra Cash Bonus when you add money of Rs 501 and you should apply the promo code "DIWALI501".
DIWALI1100: You will get 100% Extra Cash Bonus when you add money of Rs 1100 and you should apply the prom0 code "DIWALI1100".
APP50: You will get 50% Extra Cash Bonus when you deposit money from Rs 100 to Rs 1000 and you should apply the promo code "APP50". (exclusive for one-time use on Mobile app.)
FIRST30: You will get 30% Extra Cash Bonus when you add money for the first time, the deposit can be up to Rs 3333 and you should apply the promo code "FIRST30".

Update: As we updated that BalleBaazi is going to launch their Application. So, The wait is over and BalleBaazi App is now available for all users. Now, users can easily download Ballebaazi apk and can enjoy a lot of fun. Launching date of BalleBaazi app was not confirmed but from 18th of September Ballebaazi App ready for the users. Actually, this app is in beta phase and have version 1.0.

Terms & Conditions:-
  • This Game is Valid for the age of above 18 years.
  • You can play this game with a single account only.
  • Before Withdrawal, you have to upload your Documents correctly. It takes some time for verification.
  • You get your money within 5 working days

Ending Essence:-

So this was the post about the BalleBaazi Refer and Earn. Where you can play a fantasy game such as cricket, football etc and can win real money cash. However, you can get Sign Up 50 Rs Bonus while registering on BalleBaazi App by entering our BalleBaazi Referral Code- SHYA0Z1. So start referring Ballebaazi app to your friends and earn real money playing games.

How To Make Money On WhatsApp Using Amazon Affiliate Program

Make Money On WhatsApp Using Amazon Affiliate Program:- This title could be interesting for you we know about this as we quoting "Make Money on WhatsApp"? Sounding a bit curious for most of the users who are consistently searching these phrases how we can actually make money on WhatsApp

We have already heard about "Amazon India Affiliate Program". But don't know how actually we can use this with WhatsApp to convert the Amazon Affiliate Program into Money Making Tool.
Amazon WhatsApp Affiliate Program can be described as Marketing form where you refer someone to any of Amazon's best deals & offers Online and when that person buys a product on your recommendation, you'll receive a commission.
WhatsApp Amazon Affiliate Program could be one of the best things to earn money or you can say make money with WhatsApp. If you are not into much sharing your boring Status on WhatsApp instead of Sharing Some useful links that could give you some sound money.
How To Make Money On WhatsApp Using Amazon Affiliate Program
I mean common, You know you are just replying to those useless chats, which are just simply not entertaining for you a long time. Rather than wasting your time for no reason. So it's better to sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program. That'll surely help you to earn some bucks.

If you are having lots of friends and those are interesting into cheap thrills. So you need to make "WhatsApp Group" and add them into that group.
Apart from the Amazon Affiliate Program, you can also make money on WhatsApp using Meesho App. Where you have to Refer Meesho App along with your Referral Code to someone. When that person places his/her first order on Meesho App. You'll get 250 Rupees Bank Cash after the order's get delivered.
Now after adding them, make sure you are smartly sharing some product links which are helpful for them. This is the simple concept of involving the WhatsApp into this topic of Amazon Affiliate Program to Make Money online.

How To Make Money On WhatsApp Using Amazon Affiliate Program?

That could be interesting to see the WhatsApp word to make money using Amazon Affiliate. As most of the users must have been thinking that they need some kind of blog to start this thing of Amazon Affiliate.

We are not ignoring this thing that we don't actually need a Website or Blog. But we are assuring this that you don't have to waste any money to create any so-called website or blog.
Amazon Affiliate Earning Report
You can simply use Blogger Blogs to just approve your Amazon Affiliate Account. After verifying the Amazon Affiliate Account. You have to find the latest "Deals & Offers" on Various products which you can share on WhatsApp Group.

How To Create Amazon Affiliate Account?

Amazon Affiliate Account or Amazon Associates both are the same things. So don't confuse between these two things. We are sharing the whole steps to "create amazon associates (amazon affiliate) account". So that you can easily earn by sharing the "Affiliate Links" on WhatsApp Group.

Requirements To Create Amazon Affiliate Account:-

  • Amazon Account.
  • Blogger Blog.
  • WhatsApp Group.
  • Telegram Group.

Steps To Create Amazon Affiliate Account:-

You have to create a simple blog on Blogger.com. You can pick any name whatever you like. It's totally free of cost. You don't have to invest any money in creating a free blog on Blogger. 

After that go to the Amazon.in & Login & then go to the Amazon Affiliate official site and fill up all your details. Follow the steps exactly to create an Amazon Affiliate Account.

  • First of all, go to the Blogger.com.
  • Click on New Blog or Create a New Blog Option.
  • Now Enter the Title of Your Blog Name & then Address of Your Blog.
  • Choose the Simple theme and Click on "Create Blog" & Done.
  • Now You have successfully Created Your Blogger Blog.

After this, you have to create an Amazon Affiliate Account. Just follow the below steps to create the Amazon Affiliate account.

  • First of all, go to the Amazon Affiliate Program.
  • Now Click on the Join Now For Free.
  • After this, you have to log in with your Amazon Account Details.
  • At the First, you'll be asked for the "Account Information" where you have to fill your Name & Address Details.
Amazon Affiliate Account Information

  • Check Mark the "Payee Name" according to the address & Check Mark No for U.S. Tax Purposes.
  • Now in the next Step Enter the Address of Your Newly Created Blog click on Next.
  • Now in the Next Step Enter the Associates Store Name ID. You can enter your Blog Name.
Amazon Affiliate Account Website Information

  • After this, it'll ask a few more questions to fill about your Blog. Just choose the Topic related to your Blog and finally fill the "CAPTCHA" to finish the Sign Up Process.
  • Now Login the Same Amazon Account & You'll be able to see the "Amazon Associates SiteSripe" on the top of the "Your Order" Option.
  • Now Simply search any discounted & deals and Click on the "TEXT" option on Amazon SiteStripe to create the Affiliated Link.
Amazon Affiliate Account SiteStripe

  • Now Share the Link on WhatsApp Group, So that group members can buy that product from your Link. The more they'll use your Link to buy that product. You'll get some commission on every sale of that product.
  • That's how you can make money on WhatsApp using Amazon Affiliate Program.

How To Use WhatsApp For Amazon Affiliate Program?

After finding lots of deals & offers on Amazon. You can create the Affiliated Link using the Amazon SiteStripe and then start sharing those links into your WhatsApp group. So that users can grab those "Deals & Offers" as fast as they can.

The more you sell that product using your Affiliated Links the more you'll be able to earn commission from the Amazon that'd be directly sent to your Bank Account. If you are seeking any other offer that provides the same way to earn money then you can use Meesho Refer & Earn on Referral's First Order.

Ending Essence:-

That's how you can actually make money on WhatsApp using Amazon Affiliate Program. It is so easy to earn money using the WhatsApp Amazon Affiliate Program without investing any single penny. Just use the free blog from blogger and use this blog to create amazon associates account & you are good to go.