GlowRoad App - Get Products Worth Rs 200 Free + Refer and Earn

Glowroad App Refer and Earn - GlowRoad App is offering the platforms for Reselling Various Products across thousands of the cities. Using the "Glowroad app" you can resell or buy trendy clothes for Men-Women, Electronics, etc. Now on Glowroad app, you can get 200 Rs worth products free of cost. Sign Up on Glowroad app and get instant 200 Rs Wallet Cash. Which you can use to buy a product. Refer and Earn on Glowroad app is also there to get more referral cash.

Glowroad is proclaiming that they are #1 reseller network selling across 400+ cities to their products. Glowroad enables women to earn from home by selling their various products and can earn monthly income from these platforms. It gives you a platform for the empowerment of women. Who wants to earn money from home.
GlowRoad App Get Free Products Refer and Earn
Women can start their online business using Glowroad at Zero Investment. At the Glowroad you'll get the Lowest Cost Price almost at wholesale price which you can resell on the various platforms. Simply means that it'll lead you set up a genuine online business. Where you can earn the profit by selling the products. Before Diving into the post you can also check how you can earn PayPal cash by creating 15 Seconds Video on Vigo App
Guys! Now It's better to use "Meesho Refer & Earn" or "Shop101 Refer & Earn". These are on the same working models and are paying enough amount for Referral Bonus. On the Meesho & Shop101 you can get your Referral Money directly Credited to your Bank Account
Now on the Glowroad, you can get 200 Rs worth products free of cost plus you can also get a referral bonus on your suggested products to your friends and relatives. Whatever, you'll earn from selling the products on the Glowroad app they won't charge any commission.
  • Now You can get 200 Rupees Bonus in Your Glow Road Wallet.
  • Bonus Will be Available for those Users Who are going to Sign Up through Referral Link.
  • These Referral Bonus you can use for your Next Glow Road Purchase.
  • You can get some discount according to your Wallet balance on your purchase.
  • Now Refer your One Friend and Ask them to Place their Order.
  • You'll 250 Rupees Referral Bonus in your Glow Road Wallet that is Transferable to Bank Account. 

How To Avail Free Products From GlowRoad App?

  • First of Download the GlowRoad App. Shop101
  • Now Open the App.
  • Verify Your Number and Sign Up.
  • Now Complete SignUp Process.
  • Enter this Code:-SATIIIJVG9 if asked.
  • Enter Shop101 Referral Code:- 3716ES
  • Once you completely signed up on the app you'll get 200 Rs in your Wallet Cash.
  • Now Search Products worth 200 Rs. or more apply your Wallet cash.
  • Pay the amount using your Wallet Cash. 
  • Done. You'll get the product free of cost.

How To Refer and Earn on GlowRoad App?

  • To Refer and Earn, Open the App.
  • On the Home Page, you'll see the "Refer and Earn Option".
  • Or you can Click on the "Bonus" to get your Referral Link.
  • Click on it and Copy Your Referral Link.
  • Now Share it with your Friends and on their First order, you'll get Referral Bonus.

How To Order Your First Products on GlowRoad App?

  • First of all, go to the Search Option and Search Tshirts, Curtains etc.
  • Now make sure that this product worth 200 - 230 Products.
  • After this Copy the Link of the products and share on WhatsApp, Facebook.
  • Now Go to the "MyShop" Option.
  • There you'll see MyShared/ Copied Products.
  • Now buy your desired product from there and done.


GlowRoad Free Products Proof


Now GlowRoad has changed their Refer & Earn Offer.If you are going to download the GlowRoad App then you can get instantly 200 Rupees bonus in your Wallet. Which you can use for your next purchase. Like you'll be getting in Shop101 Refer & Earn. Even you can't use a referral bonus of GlowRoad to send it to your Bank Account.

Glow Road App Recent Payment Through Refer & Earn:-

Yesterday, I got the message that from ACCELERATOR ENTERPRISE PVT LTD. That they have credited some amount to my PayTM Payments Bank. I thought it is any marketing gimmick. But when I check my Paytm Payment Bank Statement.
Recent Payment Proof Glow Road
Then I found that this was actually credited to my Account. So I figure out more about Glow Road Refer Earn. They have recently made some changes into their Refer & Earn Term Conditions. Providing the Payment Proof from GlowRoad App. Check the Images.

So it's better to use either Meesho Referral Code for Meesho Refer & Earn or You Can use Shop101 Refer & Earn. Currently, these two apps are trusted and providing the great quality products with Refer & Earn Offer.

Ending Essence:-

So this was the post about the GlowRoad App where you can get a free product worth 200 Rs on your first order. On the GlowRoad app, you can also earn from Refer and Earn Offer. Where your referral should complete their first transaction on the GlowRoad app by using your suggested links.

How To Play & Win Prizes On Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) on SonyLIV

Play and Win Prizes Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC):- Kaun Banega Crorepati is the reality show currently telecasting on SONY TV and streaming live on SonyLIV App. As we all are aware of this thing that KBC Play Along on Mobile has been already introduced on JioChat App. But now they have completely change the app & now you can "Play Kaun Banega Crorepati aka KBC Play along" on "SonyLIV". This is official app for playing KBC Play Along 2019 on the Mobile. SonyLiv app has already trying hard to deliver the "Play Along On Mobile" concept on their two best shows which are Dus Ka Dum Play Along & India Ke Mast Kalandar Play Along.

Play Kaun Banega Crorepati on SonyLIV App:- On the SonyLIV app, you can Play this KBC 2019 game live on without doing anything. Just download the KBC SonyLIV App on your Mobile Phone. Install the App and Start Playing Live "Kaun Banega Crorepati on your smartphone". There isn't any trick to do anything apart just downloading the app and then start playing kbc on mobile. Apart from answering the questions of KBC LIVE GAME 2019 on your Mobile Phone. You can also get a chance to earn some best prizes. That's why we are naming it Play and Win Prizes on KBC. That is known as "Play-along KBC on SonyLIV App".  Like you have been playing for "Sabse Smart Kaun" Game Show.
How To Play & Win Prizes On Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) on SonyLIV
On the Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) 2019 you can answer the questions live from your smartphone. If you'll be able to answer most of the questions correctly then you can win some best prizes. Most of the users are trying hard to get to reach the hot seat but they are able. So if they are interested to check their knowledge by giving the correct answer live right from their home using their Mobile phone. Then they can "Download KBC Play Along App" on their phone and can answer the questions.

How To Register For Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) 2019 on SonyLiv App?

So if you want to "play Kaun Banega Crorepati" on your Mobile phones. First, you need to download the "Kaun Banega Crorepati App" to play this game live that has been telecasting on SONY TV. Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) App is known as SonyLIV App. Yup! You only need to download the SonyLIV App on your Mobile Phone to play Kaun Banega Crorepati quiz game. So download the SonyLiv App aka Kaun Banega Crorepati App to play this game online sitting at your home.

  • First of Download the Kaun Banega Crorepati App i.e. SonyLIV App.
  • After this Open the SonyLiv App and Click on the Banner of "KBC Play-Along" or "Kaun Banega Crorepati".
  • After this, it'll ask you to enter your E-mail ID.
  • Login or Sign Up with your E-mail ID.
  • After this, you'll be able to play "Kaun Banega Crorepati" Live on your Phone.

How To Play & Win Prizes On Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) on SonyLIV?

Kaun Banega Crorepati is easy to play on SonyLIV App. Just be active at the right time when the game starts. Open your SonyLIV app & wait for the question to appear on your Smartphone's screen. Now you have to select the right option by selecting the correct option. For every right question, you'll get some points that you can see on the Leaderboard. Later you can get some rewards by collecting the points. Remember this the game is based on your General-Knowledge.

Steps to Play Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC Play-Along):-

  • Open the Kaun Banega Crorepati App aka SonyLIV App.
  • On the Dashboard of the SonyLIV App, you'll see "Participate Now" Option.
  • After this Click on "Play Now" option and Login with your E-mail ID.
  • Enter again your E-mail or Number and It'll ask few questions related to you.
  • After this, you'll be ready to "Play KBC Play-Along" on your Mobile.
  • Wait for the question to appear on the Mobile Screen.
  • Choose the correct answer and start playing.

What are the Rules for Playing Kaun Banega Crorepati on SonyLIV App?

Rules of Playing Kaun Banega Crorepati on SonyLIV is simple. As we have told you earlier in this same post itself that you have to wait for the live game of KBC play along on your mobile. Apart from this Kaun Banega Crorepati will be streaming live on SonyLIV App. After opening the SonyLiv App you'll see "Participate Now" and then followed by this you'll see "Play Now" option. Just click on this and wait for the questions to appear. Be quick, read the questions carefully and then select the correct option. For every correct answer, you'll get some points. With every wrong answer, you'll get zero points. Now you must be wondering on how much points you need to win prize?

How Many Points Do you need to get Prizes on Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) SonyLiv?

According to their rules, you need to score higher for every correct answer. Suppose that you have given the right answer for the questions in less time then you'll be able to get higher points. The more you answer the questions correctly there will be more chance to earn high points. Make sure that you answer the questions in minimum time. If you got the highest points in Kaun Banega Crorepati Play-Along Game show then your winning vouchers will be sent directly to your Email Address.

In KBC Play-Along Game show you can check your winning points or your progress by seeing the Leaderboard of KBC Play-Along Game. That's how you can check your progress by seeing the "KBC Play-Along Leaderboard". If you are seeing yourself on the top of the Leaderboard then be assured that you are surely going to get your winning prizes.

Steps to See How Much Points You have scored on Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Leaderboard:-

As you know that, we have already shared all the rules to play kaun banega crorepati kbc play along on SonyLiv App. Now you have been thinking that how much points you need to score to get some prizes from KBC Play-Along. So you can see the Leaderboard of KBC Play-Along on the SonyLIV App.

We are providing the points system where you can see how much points you'll score for your every correct answer. So it's better to know when to answer the questions correctly on KBC Play-Along on SonyLiv App.

Ending Essence:-

If you want to watch the live show of Kaun Banega Crorepati then you can also do that on SonyLiv App. Play and Win Prizes on Kaun Banega Crorepati aka KBC play-along is the best way of winning some vouchers by using your Knowledge to answer the question correctly in the given time. Score more points by giving the right answer in fewer seconds to earn more points in KBC Play-Along 2019

Match365 App Refer & Earn : Refer Friends & Earn 50-250 Rs. Per Referrals

Match365 Refer & Earn:- Match365 is prediction app where you can predict about various games such as Soccer. What we call in India mostly Football game. By predicting which team is going to win in the game that can actually give you some winning amount in the form of Bitcoins. Which you can withdraw through various methods. But "Refer & Earn of Match365" is far better than this. Oh ! Let me tell you another app that is Brave Refer & Earn. Where you can also get Bitcoins by just downloading the Brave Browser. Unlike in Match365 Refer & Earn, you have to follow some steps.
In Match365 Refer & Earn, you have to Like, Comment & Share on post in the Match365 App as well so that you can activate your account. After activating only you'll be able to refer & earn offer. So follow the below steps how you can use the Referral Scheme or Offer of Match365 App.

How To Sign Up & Activate Your Match365 Account?

  • First of all Visit this Link :- Match365 Refer
  • Now Sign in with using your Gmail Account.
  • Later, It'll ask you to Download the Match365 App.
  • Download the App, and Open it.
  • After that Click on the Pencil icon and post anything.
  • After this Open any post and Like it and Share It.
  • Done, Now you have activated your account.
As you are already aware that they are providing $300000 Bitcoins for the successful referrals. And these amount has been distributed to the users who have successfully referred to their friends & other users. So if you haven't used this Match365 App till now. Then this is the high time to give it a chance to grab some referral amounts.

Refer Friends & Earn 50-250 Rs. Per Referrals

How To Refer & Earn on Match365 App?

  • First of all Open the Menu Option from the Match365 App.
  • There you'll see Invite (Bonus) Option.
  • Click on it and Get your Referral Link :- Click here.
  • After this start sharing your Referral link and Start Inviting your Friends.
  • Done the Referring steps are over here.

How To Collect the Match365 Referrals Bonus?

Now it's time collect the Referral Bonus amount of those referrals which you have done till now. For this you have to open the Match365 App exactly on 5:30 PM on the daily basis to grab your Effective Referrals Bonus. After collecting the effective referral bonus, you are good to go. After this you can convert this Bitcoins into real amount.

Predict and Earn More Match365 MC:-

You can also earn more bitcoins by predicting the game. Just predict which team is going to win using some MC and you can double your MC coins that'll be converted in bitcoins later.

Reviewed by Authoron july 2019
Rating: 4.0


Make sure to Open the Match365 App to grab the Referral Bonus daily at 5:30 PM daily. After collecting the Bonus of your referrals. Use any bitcoins buy/sell portal such as local bitcoins to convert your bitcoins into paytm.

ᐅ Meesho App Refer Earn - Get Referral Bonus On Every Orders !

Meesho App Refer Earn Free Products:- On Meesho App you can get free products by signing up on it. Meesho App is a reselling app where you can get a commission to resell the products on various social platforms. While sharing the product of "Meesho Supply App" you have to set your margin to earn from your buyers. One of the best things is that you can also avail the Meesho App Refer Earn offer to get up to 250 INR off on your first order.

Popular Meesho Coupons & Offers For July 2019

Meesho Coupons Meesho Offers Validity
Download the Meesho App Start Earning Sep 2019
Start Your Business from Home Zero Investment Sep 2019
Earn Weekly Bonus Upto Rs 6000 Sep 2019
Share & Sell at Meesho Earn Extra Income Sep 2019
Earn Commission Up to ₹5,000 per referral Sep 2019
Meesho App Get Free Products- As of now, you can get free products worth 50 INR to 80 INR. On the Meesho App Refer Earn Offer you can get your Referral Code Bonus which you can use to avail up to 250 INR off on your first order including referral amount, online payments and referral reward i.e. flat 50 INR discount.
Meesho Referral Code is provided below. Use the "Meesho Referral Code" to sign up and then place your First Order. You have to place your First Order as it is necessary to get some discount on your First Order on Meesho. It is also required to be the part of Meesho Referral Reseller System to earn Money. Meesho is still working so you can loot this offer as soon as possible.
Meesho App Refer Earn - Sign Up & Get Free Products
About Meesho App- Meesho App is a reselling hub. Where you can earn monthly a good amount of money by reselling the products. On Meesho App you can get 10,000+ products across 500+ cities. Meesho's Top Resellers come from Metros, Emerging Cities, and small towns. Apart from this Meesho App, you can give try to Loan Globally Refer Earn App. To earn assured money by Referring it to your friends.
मीशो रेफर एंड अर्न ऑफर से पैसे कमाने के लिए सबसे पहले आपको "मीशो अप्प रेफर कोड" इस्तेमाल करके मीशो पे पहले अपना ऑर्डर प्लेस करना है, उसके बाद ही आप इस रेफर एंड अर्न का हिस्सा बन सकते हैं। बिना अपना पहला ऑर्डर प्लेस किए आपको रेफर अर्न का ऑप्शन नहीं दिया जाएगा । 
 मीशो पे ऑर्डर प्लेस करने के बाद, जब आपका ऑर्डर आपको डिलीवर हो जाये। तब आप मीशो कस्टमर केयर  को कॉल करके उनसे "रेफर एंड अर्न " का ऑप्शन एनेब्ल करने के लिए कह सकते हैं। पर ध्यान रहे की आपको अपना पहला ऑर्डर प्लेस करना जरूरी है।  
In order to be the part of "Meesho Refer & Earn" you have to first Order the product above 20 to 70+ Rupees. After this, you'll be able to get Refer & Earn option. Then you can start earning PayTM Cash aka Bank Redeemable Money when your Referral will place their First Order.

Meesho App Referral Code:-

Meesho Android App:Download App
Meesho Referral Code:BFJKPGQ666
Meesho Signup Bonus:Rs.50 Flat Discount
Meesho Referral Bonus:
Rs. 250 (On First Order Placed by Referral)
More Paytm Earning Apps:Loan Globally Refer Earn
Meesho App loot is paying for your Referrals too. Just ask your referrals to use your Meesho Referral Code to place their First Order. They will get maximum discounts on their First Order and you'll get a referral bonus of 250 Rs. Which'll be bank transferrable. So start referring Meesho app to your Friends and Family to earn on every order they placed.

Meesho App at a Glance:-

  • Download the App From Here - Meesho App.
  • Sign Up on the Meesho App by Entering Your Phone Number.
  • Verify it with OTP.
  • Now Browse the Product with Free Shipping.
  • Add it to your Cart.
  • Enter Your Address Details, Phone Number, Email etc.
  • Now Pay your amount using Paytm or any Online Payment Method.
  • Done! You'll get your Free Products at your doorstep.

Meesho App Refer Earn - Sign Up & Get Free Products:-

  • First of Download the Meesho App - Meesho App.
  • After that install the Meesho App.
  • Enter Your Phone Number and Verify it with OTP.
  • Now Skip the Introductory Video.
  • Now Go to the Account Section and Enter the Refer Invite Code - BFJKPGQ666 (If asked)
  • After that Search the Products with Free Shipping.
  • Now add it to the Cart and go to the Cart Option.
  • You'll get Flat 50 Rs Discount + 20% Off for Online Payment + Referral Reward.
  • Now Enter the Address Details, Email, Name & Phone Number.
  • Now Choose the Payments as PayTM, COD or any other Online Payment Mode.
  • Finally, Place your order and get your products.

Meesho App Referral Code & Refer & Earn Loot New Scheme & Meesho Earning Proof:-

☛ Meesho Referral Code:- 

So far you have read all the posts and have been figuring about the Meesho's Referral Code. So here let me tell you that you can get your "Meesho's Referral Code" from the "Account Section". By copying the Refer Code you can share Meesho App to your Friends and ask them to Join Meesho using your Referral Code.

☛ Meesho Refer & Earn Loot:-

Meesho Loot... That should be the name you can search in Google to get the details about the Meesho App Loot. But let me tell you that actually "Refer & Earn" of the Meesho App is a Loot. That defines the exact Meaning of the Meesho Refer & Earn Loot.

☛ Meesho VS Shop101 Refer & Earn Offer:-

Now Meesho has changed their Refer and Earn System and modified it into the New Refer Earn System. But Shop101 is still providing the 200 Rupees direct Referral Bonus to your Bank Account. By using the Shop101 Refer & Earn you can get 200 Rupees Referral Bonus on your Referral's First Order.

☛  Meesho Refer & Earn New Scheme, System, Offer:-

Meesho has introduced the new refer & earn system, offer or terms & conditions whatever you want to call it. But now on the Meesho Supply App, you can get a 20% Bonus on First Five orders of your Referrals.

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How To Place Order on Meesho App?

  • Open the Meesho App.
  • Click on "For You" Option.
  • Now You'll see "Search Bar" Option on the "Top Right Corner".
  • After this Enter "Trendy Cotton T-shirt" or Something related to what you exactly want to buy.
  • Now Click on the View Suppliers, and then Click on "Add To Cart", Select Size.
  • Proceed to "Checkout" choose payment method & proceed.
  • Now Enter the Delivery Address & Proceed.
  • After this Important to fill the "Add Sender" details.
  • Make sure to add any name with any "Alternate" Mobile number in "Add Sender" Details.
  • Now Finally Place your Order.

Minimum Order Should be Placed on Meesho To Get 20% Referral Bonus on First 5 Orders:-

Minimum Price Order To Get Meesho's Referral Bonus:- That could be the burning question for most of the new users who are going to use "Meesho Refer & Earn Offer (Loot)". So let me tell you one thing that for the Safety Purpose we were telling you need to place an order above 100+ Rupees order. So that you can get Meesho Referral Bonus.
Ask your Referral's (To Whom you're Referring Meesho) to place their First Order at Minimum Price of 18,20,30 Rupees (If the product is available ) on Meesho. Still, you can get 250 Rupees Bonus for that Minimum Price Order on Meesho.
But the Minimum Order can be placed on Meesho according to the available products. Even though that product's listing price is either 10 Rupees or 18 Rupees or 20 Rupees. Still, you can get 250 Rupees
Meesho Minimum Order To Get Referral Bonus.
We are going to give you some proof regarding this that you can place your First Order on Meesho with a very low price. Like you can place your First Order at "Minimum Price" of 18 Rupees & still you can get 250 Rupees for that order. That's how you can get your Referral Bonus on Meesho by Placing the Minimum Price Order.

Meesho App Refer Earn and Get Referral Reward:-

  • Open the Meesho App Dashboard.
  • Click on the "Account" Option.
  • Click on the "Refer & Earn" option.
  • Copy your Referral Link & Start Sharing to your Friends.
  • Whenever your Referral will buy from Meesho, you'll get Commission.
  • The commission can be settled into your Bank Account i.e Bank Redeemable.

Meesho Referral Commission
(Meesho Refer & Earn 20% Referral Bonus on First 5 Orders)

  • On Meesho App You Can Earn through Your Referral's First Order.
  • Ask your Referral to Place their Order above 20 Or 80+ Rupees.
  • As soon as they'll use your Referral (Invite Code) BFJKPGQ666 and Place their First Order, You'll Get 250 Rs. Pending in your Referral Commission.
  • Whenever the placed product will be delivered. Your Referral Commission will be Confirmed and Soon will be settled.
  • Settled Referral amount will be directly sent to your Bank Account.
  • That's how you can earn 250 INR Free of Cost by Referring Meesho App to Your Friends.
  • Note: Make Deal with Your Referral and ask them to use your Referral Code and Place their First Order so that you can earn 250 Rs. Later you can settle this amount to get that product Free of Cost.

How To Refer & Earn Referral Bonus From Meesho App?

  • First of all Download the Meesho App.
  • Now Enter the Referral CodeBFJKPGQ666.
  • After this, Go To "For You" Option there you'll see Search Bar on the Top of the App.
  • Enter the Products Name Such as " Cotton Trendy T-shirts" etc.
  • Choose your desired products and Add it to your Cart.
  • Make sure the Product Price is 100+ Rupees.
  • Then Simply Place your Order by Entering your Address Details & Make Payment.
  • After this Go to "Account Section" and Copy Your Referral Invite Code & Start Sharing.
  • As soon as your Referrals will place their First Order you'll get 250 Rupees Commission.
  • This Referral Bonus will be directly sent to your Bank Account after the product will be delivered to your Referrals.

➤ How Does Meesho Referral System Work?

As per now, they are proclaiming that you have to be "Reseller" on Meesho App. Means you have to refer the Meesho App to any people and when they place their "First Order" on the App. Then you'll get 250 Rupees Bank Cash after the delivery of the product.

In the Meesho App as you have seen that they have also used "Tagline" Become the Reseller and Earn Online Money From Home. You can earn up to 25000+ Rupees by reselling the products on Meesho.

➤ Steps to Become the Reseller on Meesho App:-

  • Download the Meesho App - Download.
  • Use the Referral Code - BFJKPGQ666
  • Place the First Order above 100+ Rupees.
  • While Placing the Order, make sure that you put different name & number in "App Sender".
  • Don't put the Same Details in the "App Sender".
  • After getting the delivery of your product you can start referring meesho app to your friends.

➤ Why Am I Not Getting 20% Referral Commission For My Referrals on Meesho App?

If you are not getting the "referral amount" in meesho app then the reason behind this can be that they have removed "Referral Program" for the new users. But if you are getting the "Refer & Earn" Option in your Meesho App.

Then you have to first place your First Order and then start referring the app to your friends. Make sure that after filling the "Address Details". Don't fill the same name or number in "App Sender" Field. You can enter any name or alternate number in that field.

➤ Meesho App Loot Review?

Till now Meesho is doing great and most of the users are using this app to place their order to get the best quality products. Most of the Reseller actually working and earning sound referral reward money from the meesho app. In my opinion, the "Meesho Review" is good and worth trying to earn money from home.

➤ How Do I Redeem My Referral Amount From Meesho App?

First, understand when you'll get your 250 Rupees referral bonus, referral reward or referral commission. After this ponder over much how you'll redeem your referral bonus from the meesho app.

When your referral order his/her first order above 100+ (including shipping charges) then you'll be able to see +250 settled in commission details. To see this go to the Refer & Earn Option then click See details & then "Pending" option. See whether your referral amount is showing settled or pending.

If it is showing settled then be assured that you are going to receive that amount. If it is still showing in the Pending then wait for until that amount get settled by meesho. As Meesho settled the pending commission every "Tuesday" for the delivered orders.

After seeing the settled amount. Instantly add your Bank Details in Meesho App. Go to the Account Section option. Click on "My Bank Details" and Add Account Number and IFSC code and you're done. You'll receive your referral earnings.

➤ Why My Meesho Referral Amount ( Referral Commission) is not Showing?

Most probably you have put the same details in "App Sender" field. Like name or number. So try to be cautious while placing your order. That could be one of the reasons to "Block" or "Suspend" your meesho's referral earnings.

If you are placing your order using your referral code often without giving any pause to your friends' address or number. Then this could also be one of the reasons. So place your order after getting delivery of your previous orders if you're doing self-referral.

➤ Does Meesho Applicable For All States In India?

Currently, Meesho is providing their services in mostly all the states in India. If you are eager to buy products from Meesho then you can do so. They are increasing their delivery services even in the Rural Area of India.

➤ Can I Place Order Directly From Meesho?

Yes! You can place your Order Directly From Meesho. However, If you are interested in "Refer & Earn Program of Meesho" then you have to place your First Order from Meesho.

➤ How We Can Remove or Delete Account From Meesho?

Currently, There isn't any such option to remove or delete your Meesho Account. But you can simply abandon that account or you can contact the Meesho Customer Care to help you into this matter.

➤ Why Meesho App is not working on Wi-fi?

Meesho App is working fine with Wi-Fi. You have to check the permission first. Check whether you have given permission to connect the Meesho App via Wi-Fi or not.

➤ How To Get "Refer & Earn" Option on Meesho App?

As we know that Meesho has removed their "Refer & Earn Program" due to certain reason. However, some users are still able to use "Refer & Earn Option" on the app & earning sound income by reselling, referring the products on Meesho.

➤ Is Meesho App Available in Bangladesh?

Currently, "Meesho Reselling App" is providing its services in India, not in Bangladesh. But they are importing various products from the International Markets as well. So if you are near from West Bengal then you can get Meesho Products there.

➤How To Upload Product Categories of Meesho App on My Site?

To Upload Product Categories you can update your Meesho App and then click on Share and Select Others option. Now download the products images and or share on WhatsApp you'll get a link to attach your Meesho's Profile directly in your blog. From there you can share your products.

➤ How To See Size Chart in Meesho Shopping App?

In Meesho Shopping App you can clearly see the mentioned sizes in "Inches" in the Product Details Section. Hope Meesho Supply App will add an option to see the Size Chart Image in their Upcoming Updates.

➤ How Many Days it Usually Takes to Deliver Meesho Products?

Its totally depend on your Location, Pin Code extra. Suppose that you are leaving near to any Urban area then it usually takes 2-3 days to deliver your order products. Other you can get your products within a week.

➤How To Order Products From Meesho Without adding Margins?

If you only want to order products from Meesho then you can actually do that. Just enter the amount Zero in the Final Amount to Collect Option and Place your Order. It won't add your Margins in that order. In this way, You can order it without Margins from Meesho.

If you too, want to be the part of Meesho Resellers or want to get the Refer & Earn Option back in your account then you can follow the below steps.

  • First Download the Meesho App.
  • Enter the Referral Code- BFJKPGQ666
  • Place Your First Order Above 100+ Rupees.
Meesho App Refer Earn - Sign Up & Get Free Products
  • Now, wait for your order's delivery.
  • After this Call to the Meesho's Customer Support & Ask them to "Enable" the "Refer & Earn" option in your Meesho Account as you're a genuine reseller. Tell them if they are not going to do so then you're not going to pick up any of your placed orders.
Meesho App Refer Earn - Sign Up & Get Free Products
  • Then in the short period, they'll confirm about enabling the Refer and Earn option.
  • Done, now enjoy referring the Meesho app to your friends and ask them to do the same.

➤ Meesho Customer Care ( CC) Helpline Number:-

To contact with meesho "customer service" regarding your order or any referral earning then you can contact them via using the phone number. You can even email them too.
  • Meesho Contact Number to Customer Support Service - 08061799600.
  • Meesho Email ID is "".
Meesho Call Timings:- 10AM - 7PM.

ᐅ Meesho App Earning Proof:-

Most of the users are in doubt that they are not going to get any Direct Deposit Cash From Meesho Refer & Earn Offer. That's why they are not giving much heed to this awesome app where you can earn a good amount of money.

Just be focus on what you are doing. Don't just Register or Sign-Up on Meesho App & then leave it without placing your First Order. As the "Real Game" starts when you place your First Order. After this call to Meesho's Customer Care & ask them to enable your "Refer & Earn" Program for your account.
Meesho Refer Earn Earning Proof
Now use your "Meesho App Referral Code" and Start sharing this app to your Friends and ask them to place their First Order on the Meesho App. As soon as they place their First Order you'll get 250 Rupees Bonus will be added into your Meesho's account. 

Unless & Until's Your Friend's Order doesn't get delivered to him/her. This 250 Rupees Bonus will show as "Pending". It'll show the Received Commission if they got their order's delivered to them. Received Commission will be settled directly into your Bank Account on Every Tuesday.

Some Important things to Notice:-

If you have signed-up on Meesho App using anyone's referral & you haven't placed your First Order On Meesho. Then your Meesho Account can be terminated due to "Inactive" reason. So it's better to place your First Order asap. So that you can be the part of Meesho Referral System.

Meesho Refer & Earn:- New Referral Commission Scheme:-

Meesho Refer & Earn Reselling App is a good opportunity to earn money online through WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Earlier Meesho Reselling App has been providing 250 Rupees for your First Referral's Order. But now they have changed the Meesho Referral System.

Meesho App New Referral System:- In the Meesho App Refer & Earn. Now you can earn a referral commission on the first five orders. That means you can earn a referral commission from your Referrals on their next recent Five Orders. On every Five Orders of your Referrals, you'll 20% referral commission on their orders( 5 consecutive orders).

Let's take an easy example of how you can actually earn a huge amount through your Referrals. Suppose that your referrals have used this Meesho Referral Code:- and place their First Order of something like 120 then the 20% of the 120. You'll get 24 Rs Incentive. Now they again placed their second order of something 210 then the 20% of this you'll 42. Now if they'll place their third, fourth and fifth order. You'll get incentive according to the 20% commission on those orders.

This could be one of the best ways to maximize your earning through your Referrals' orders. However, you are much eager to know that Meesho Refer & Earn Earning then you can follow the steps to increase your referral earning on the meesho app.

To show you the earning proof we are providing some meesho earning proof so that you can join the meesho reselling app to earn more by inviting more people through your referral code.

It could be the best way to earn some huge amount by referring meesho app to people if they are interested to buy their clothing's. Various varieties are available for Women and Men and even for Children's. Meesho has become one of the best reselling apps.

Where people are earning money by sitting at home and sharing only the product links to interested people. So why don't you share the meesho app to your friends and families who are desperate to buy some trendy clothes.

Ending Essence:-

That's how you can earn Bank Redeemable Commission by Sharing Meesho App. Simply you have to use Refer & Earn Offer of Meesho App. Now you have to share your referral link to your friends to ask them to purchase from the Meesho App. So that they can get Free Products on Meesho App as they are providing a great discount offer on First Purchase. Make sure that they are using your Referral Link to get the profit of Refer Earn and other discount offers for their First Purchase on Meesho App.

Brave Browser Refer & Earn - Get 4$ on Sign Up & 5$ Per Refer

Brave Browser Refer & Earn:- Those were the days when we have looted Facebook Research Program. Now here Brave Rewards is here to give you another chance to make sound money. As they have come up with "Brave Refer & Earn Offer" where you can get 4$ on Sign Up and you can get 5$ Per Refer. Just follow the steps and keep the Brave Browser for 30 days in your phone to surf over the web.

Interesting to see that it's giving a secure way to grab the referral amounts through your referrals without compromising your personal data unlike in Facebook Research App. You just have to use Brave Browser for 30 days. Only thing is that to whom you referring they need to keep the Brave Browser installed into their Android device for 30 Days & during this period they have to open the Brave Browser for few seconds to acknowledge their presence of activity.

Apart from the Refer & Earn Rewards system they have also come up with "Content Creators Program". Where various platforms are available such as Website, Youtube. Twitch and Publishing. Which you can use to verify yourself as a creator. Brave Creator Program is claiming that they'll provide an extra bonus for every content you'll be published on your platforms.
Brave Browser Refer & Earn - Get 4$ on Sign Up & 5$ Per Refer
Let's see how you can enroll yourself for this Brave Browser Refer & Earn Programs. Just follow the simple steps and keep these things in your mind before doing anything. As steps may be simple for few people still they mess up with the process.

Brief Introduction About Brave Browser:-

  • Brave is a Browser Like Chrome. That can give you a much better experience than any other browser.
  • In the Brave Browser Refer & Earn Rewards Program you can earn 4$ as Sign Up Bonus and 5$ Per Refer.
  • To Whom you are referring on Brave Browser. They need to keep installed the Brave Browser for 30 Days.
  • They also have to browse some sites on a daily basis for 2-3 minutes.
  • Follow the Below Process to Download the Brave Browser & Then in the Next Steps Register to Brave Browser Creator Account.
  • You Can Make Brave Browser as your Default Browser to Earn More

Brave Browser Refer & Earn - Get 4$ on Sign Up & 5$ Per Refer

  • First of all Visit this Link:- Register on Brave.
  • Now there you'll see "Download the Brave Browser".
  • Download the Brave Browser in your Smartphones & in your PC/Laptop.
  • Now again open your downloaded Brave Browser.
  • Now Click on the Red TriangleOption and Click on Create Wallet.
  • Now Click on the Settings triangle option and off the "Auto-Contribute" Option.
  • Done. First Process has been completed...!

How To Refer & Earn on Brave Browser? 

  • After a successful download of the Brave Browser, you have to visit this Brave Publisher.
  • Now Click on "Sign Up Now" button.
  • Enter your Email and Click on Create Account.

Account Creation on Brave
  • After this, you'll get Verification in your Email.
  • Verify your Email & Enter your Name, Sign Up & Login again in your Account.
  • After this, your Brave Account Dashboard will be open.
Dashboard on Brave
  • Now Scroll below and Check the Option "Add Channel".
Add Channel on Brave
  • Now you can add your Website or Youtube Channel.
  • You can create your Youtube Channel Easily.
  • It's Important to Add your Channel in Brave Creator Dashboard.
  • As soon as you'll add your Channel you'll get your "Referral Link".
  • Now Share your Referral link to your Friends and ask them to download Brave browser through your Referral link.
  • After this, ask them to follow the second steps to verify their channels and to get their referral links.

Video Tutorial For Brave Browser Download, Sign Up+Refer & Earn Loot:-

How To Withdraw BAT Tokens ( Brave Browser Money) From Brave Browser Account?

So now we are going to follow the steps how you can withdraw your BAT Tokens, BAT Money from your Brave Browser Wallet. Most of the users have got their activity BAT Tokens in their Brave Browser Wallet. Now they are eagerly waiting for steps to withdraw bat tokens into their bank account.

Simple Steps For Withdrawing Your Brave Browser BAT Tokens into Your Bank:-

  • You need to use your Same Email Address which you have used while sign up on Brave Browser.
  • Login to your Brave Browser Publisher Dashboard
  • On the Dashboard, You'll see Uphold Wallet Option.
  • Click on it and Create an Account using the same Email Address.
  • In the next steps, we are going to tell you how you can make Uphold Account for your Brave Browser.
To Transfer your Brave Browser Tokens (BAT. You need to have a currency converter account. Like you have used for Facebook Research Program. There you had been using uTest Account to transfer your money from Paypal to Bank Account.

How To Create Uphold Account To Withdraw Brave Browser Money (BAT)?

  • First Login to your Brave Browser using this Link:- Brave Publisher.
  • Now Open your Brave Publisher Dashboard.
  • You'll see an option of "YOUR UPHOLD WALLET".
  • Now Click on Connect To Uphold or Create an Account Option.
  • After this, Enter Your Email, Password, Select Enrolling as Individual & Country like India.
  • Now Click on Next Step,  Here Enter Your Name, Last Name, and Username & DOB.
  • Click on the Next and third Step.
  • Here you need to Download an Android App Called as Authy if you are using & creating your uphold account using your Android Devie. Else you can use Chrome extension & iOS app too.
  • We are going to use the Authy App to verify ourself using the second authentication.
  • Actually, it needs a Second OTP of 6-DIGIT to verify your Login.
  • Enter the QR Code of Uphold Account on the Authy App then you'll get 6-DIGIT Code from the Authy App.
  • Enter the 6-DIGIT Code on the Uphold Account and then you'll get Confirmation from Uphold Account.
  • Verify your Email again and you're done. 
  • You have successfully created Uphold Account and Linked with your Brave Browser Dashboard.
  • Now on Uphold Account Verify your Membership by providing your Full Name & ID CARD.
  • You can use AADHAR CARD as your Photo Identity to verify your Uphold account.
  • After this Click on 3 BAR MENU option> Profile Name> Settings> FUNDING METHODS.
  • Add your Bank Details there and you're good to go to withdraw your Brave Browser Money.
  • You can check another Meesho Refer & Earn Offer here.

#How To Withdraw Uphold Brave Tokens Directly into Your PayTM Wallet or Bank Account?

So now you can transfer your #Uphold BAT tokens directly into your Paytm Wallet. But after receiving the #BAT TOKENS in your Uphold account. First you have to change these BAT TOKENS into #Bitcoins. After that you can easily trade on localbitcoins. So better to change your deposit currency to BTC in your Brave Rewards Account. So that you can easily get BAT Tokens converted into BTC when you'll be receiving in your Uphold account. Now follow the steps to get your BTC transferred to your Paytm Wallet.

  • First go to the
  • Now Register here and do Email & Mobile Number Verification.
  • After that Click on the "Wallet" Option.
  • Now Click on Receive Bitcoins Option.
  • Here you'll see your Bitcoins Address, just copy it.
  • Now Open your Uphold Account & on your Uphold Dashboard you'll See Favorite Cards Option.
  • Click on  BTC Card Option. (Now here if you haven't change your BAT to BTC then you can choose Transfer between your cards option to convert your BAT to BTC first).
  • Now Click on Send to Cryptocurrency or Utility Token Option.
  • After there Choose Bitcoin (BTC) option.
  • After this, On Select Destination option Paste your Localbitcoins Address here.
  • Enter your Bitcoins Amount & Confirm it with Carefully.
  • Now you need OTP to confirm which you can get from Authy App.
  • Enter it and confirm it. Soon you'll get your Bitcoins in your Localbitcoins Wallet.

How To Sell Your Bitcoins on Localbitcoins?

After getting your Bitcoins from Uphold account to your Localbitcoins Wallet. Now you have to follow some simple steps to sell your bitcoins and get your money into Paytm Wallet.

  • First Open your Localbitcoins Account.
  • On the Homepage of you'll see "Quick Sell" Option.
  • Click on it and then select Paytm Option See the below image.
  • Click on Search Option and you'll see the buyers list who are selling PayTM amount for bitcoins.
Brave Browser Refer & Earn - Get 4$ on Sign Up & 5$ Per Refer
  • Now after Choose any of them according to their reviews & Click on Sell Option.
  • After that on the next, Enter your BTC amount in BTC section & Enter your Paytm Number with +91 code like +919052535552.
  • Now Click on Send Trade Request option.
  • After this Send again your PayTM number in Chat option.
  • The buyer will reply and send the amount.
  • Make sure "Don't Release Bitcoins" until and unless you receive your Payment from the buyer.
  • Don't ever try to click on "Release Bitcoins" Option unless you get your payment.
  • When he/she will send the PayTM money. He'll ask you to release bitcoins in Chat option.
  • After getting your payment you can release the bitcoins.
  • That's it. Now you have successfully get your amount of BTC in your PayTM.

Final Words:-

So this was the post about how you can refer on a brave browser and can earn referral bonus through your friends. Make sure they keep their Brave Browser installed in their Android/ iOS Smartphones for 30 days.

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