Trick To Use Paytm FIRSTTIMELUCKY Code on Same Account Unlimited Times

Trick to use Firsttimelucky code unlimited times:- Paytm Mall, One of the best way to get maximum cashback on various products with some best Promocodes. Almost everyone has been benefited by the Paytmmall to get their desired products in maximum cashback. Let's say about FIRSTTIMELUCKY code which give the Flat 200 Cashback on the price list product of 299 Rs. Which means you can get any listed products in Just 99 Rs or almost free of cost if the Price is listed for Full Cashback apart from the Shipping charges. In this post here we are going to let you know how to use or you can say apply this "FIRSTTIMELUCKY Promocode twice" on your Paytm account or for unlimited times to order your products in maximum possible cashback.
Trick to use Paytm Mall Promocodes

"Paytm FIRSTTIMELUCKY codes now can be used Unlimited Times by both NEW users and OLD users as well, Without creating new accounts or without doing full KYC"
How To Use Firstimelucky/Onceamonth Promocodes on OLd Account ?

Since paytm always try to allure more users to use their services.That's why they made their services to liable only for once per user to use their Cashback Services which they are providing in the form of FIRSTITIMELUCKY or ONCEAMONTH promocodes. But few of us are really absurd to breach these services to use these codes unlimited times to order our favorite products twice using the same account and same FIRSTIMELUKCY Codes.

Everyone wants to order their products in the maximum cashback. However, you can only use this FIRSTIMELUCKY promocodes only once to avail cashback on your products. But as you know that we are much ahead of this thing that we can't wait or do something else to use this FIRSTIMELUCKY Promocodes twice on same account. So in this post of trick to use FIRSTTIMELUCKY code twice on One/Same account.

We are going to use this trick on some old account,don't use your fully KYC account. Trick is based on Deleting/Replacing the number of the Old Account and then Recreating the same account using the same number. So read all the steps carefully to use this FIRSTTIMELUCKY promocode trick.

How To Use ‘Firsttimelucky’ Promocode Twice Time Per Account –

Requirements –

  • Two Old Paytm Account
  • Paytm Official App
  • 2 Activate Sim For Receive OTP
  • Don’t Use Paytm Full KYC Account

Steps to Use FIRSTTIMELUCKY Promocodes Twice on Same Account:-

  1. First of all Go to your Old Paytm Account.
  2. Go to Profile Section.
  3. Now Click on Edit Option
  4. After this Remove the number and put any other old account number.
  5. Now You'll receive on that number.
  6. Enter the OTP and you'll see a POP-Up Just choose "No I didn't".
  7. Now Click on the Confirm option and you'have successfully replaced your number to another old paytm number.
  8. After that Click on the Paytm Dashboard and Use the First number which you have removed in earlier step.
  9. Use that number to create a new Paytm Account.
  10. After that do the MINI KYC on this Newly Recreated Paytm account.
  11. Now Use the FIRSTTIMELUCKY code in this account to order your product.
  12. After getting your cashback and products use the same process for your another number.


By using this trick to use firsttimelucky promocodes you can apply any such promocodes unlimited times on same paytm account. Just follow the above steps carefully, means how to order and then apply cashback promocodes. Avoid any haste to mess with your promocodes while ordering your products as you can loose your chance to use same promocodes again. But you can use this trick to use firstimelucky promocodes as many times as you want.

Amazon Add Money Cashback Offer - Zeta Flat 100 Rs Cashback on Adding 500

Amazon Add Money Cashback Offer :- Amazon Pay Balance is one of the best way to shop on Amazon as you don't have to add your Debit/Credit Card details every time. Moreover of this amazon also gives some cashback discount using their Amazon Pay Balance while placing order for your desired products. Amazon also runs some best adding cashback offer into their Amazon Pay Wallet. Now you can use Zeta App or their Zeta Card to add money on Amazon Wallet to get 20% cashback up to 100 Rs on adding of 500 Rs.
Amazon Add money offer

Why to Add Money in Amazon Wallet ?

Best way to pay instantly for your order if you are using amazon pay balance. As we don't have to always put OTP for order instant alert deals aka Lighting deals on Amazon. It's quick easy and safe. If somehow you canceled your order then the paid amount of amazon pay balance reverted back to your Amazon wallet immediately, whereas it takes couple of days to credited back into your bank account or debit/credit cards if you have paid using other options.

So today in this post that is "amazon add money offer". We are going to tell you how you can get cashback upto 100 Rs on adding 500 Rs into your amazon pay wallet.

Steps to get Amazon Add Money Cashback Offer :-

1. First of all Download the Zeta App
2. Create a new account or login your old existing account.
3. Now go to the Offer section.
Amazon Add Money Offer

4. Choose amazon offer
5. Click on Generate Code.
Amazon Add Money Offer

6. You'll get the unique code.

How To Add Money on Amazon Pay Wallet.

1. Go to the Amazon Pay adding money Option.
2. Now Enter the amount to add i..e 500 Rs.
3. After that select your Debit/Credit Cards.
4. Now at the "Review Your Order" page you'll see "Promotional Codes".
Amazon Add Money Offer

5. Enter the Cashback code which you generated on Zeta App.
6. Done ! You'll instantly get flat 100 Rs Cashback.

ABPB Bank App - Refer 5 Friends and Get 100 Rs Free in Bank

ABPB Bank App Refer and Earn :- ABPB Bhim App is a venture of Aditya Birla Payments Bank. By Using ABPB Bank App you can recharge your Mobile, DTH, Scan & Pay all directly from your ABPB Bank App on your Android Device. This ABPB Bank is liable to use for all Bank Customer Like Tez, BHIM App etc. In BHIM ABPB Bank App you can earn 100 Rs by Referring this App to your Friends. They have initiated the Refer and Earn scheme. In which you can use the BHIM ABPB Bank App Referral code to earn upto 100 by referring to your 5 Friends.
ABPB Bank App Refer and Earn
All Bank Customers can register on this "BHIM ABPB Bank UPI" App to Avail this offer. As they have designated this app to a particular Bank or you can say integrated it to any specific Bank. So you are eligible to use their Refer and Earn Scheme. You can use the below referral code to be eligible for Refer and Earn on ABPB Bank App.

Steps to Refer and Earn on BHIM ABPB Bank App:-

1. First of all Download the ABPB Bank App.
2. Now Select that Number on which any of your Bank is Registered.
3. It will automatically Verify your OTP or you can do so Manually.
4. After that come to home screen.
5. Now Go to Menu Option from the Left Side.
ABPB Bank App
6. Click on your Profile.
7. Now Scroll Down and Enter this 9466055321 Referral Code.
8. Also Link your Bank account with UPI in App by going to profile option for Transactions.
9. Now you need to send 1 Rs to anyone.

How To Make Payments on ABPB BHIM App ?

1.To Send 1 Rs to anyone, Go to HOME page and Click "+" option.
ABPB Bank App
2.Now Enter any UPI address or use 9034281183@birla.
3. After that Send 1 Rs .
4. Now go to Refer and Earn option.

How To Get Referral Code on BHIM ABPB UPI Bank App ?

1. Go To your Profile Scroll Below.
2. Now you'll see your Registered Number that is your Referral Code.
3. Now Start sharing this app to your friends and ask them to do the same thing.
So this was the post of BHIM ABPB UPI App post to earn Rs. 100 by just referring to your 5 friends. And yes ask them to do transactions on the App as well so that they can also be eligible for Refer and Earn for BHIM UPI ABPB app. 

Trick to Transfer Amazon Pay Balance to Paytm/Bank Account

Trick to Transfer Amazon Pay Balance :- It has been a hype or you can say that everyone was searching for this trick to transfer amazon Pay Balance either to their Paytm Cash Or Any Bank account. But there wasn't any options to do that without using any third party barrier to exchange their Amazon Pay Balance to Paytm or any other coupons or ecash. Like some of you have been doing with Zingoy. But still you were unable to transfer Amazon pay Balance to Paytm Cash. As we all are aware of that Amazon always come up with their exciting offer to get Cashback if you recharge your Mobile Prepaid/DTH with "Amazon Pay Balance". But some of you want to transfer this cashback Amazon Pay Balance to Paytm/Bank Account.

trick to transfer amazon pay balance to Paytm

Now you can transfer your Amazon Pay Balance to your Paytm or Bank account using this trick which we are going to tell you about in this post. However this is lengthy steps and time consuming process to convert your Amazon Pay Balance into Paytm Cash or you can send it into your Bank account. You have to resort on two third party barrier. One of them is Zingoy and another one is

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1.Steps to Follow in order to Transfer Amazon Pay Balance to Paytm/Bank Account :-

1. First of all go to
2. Now buy BookMyshow Vouchers with your Amazon Pay Balance.
3. Recommend to go for lower amount
4. Pay whole amount via Amazon Pay Balance.
5. After that you'll receive BookMyShow voucher on your Registered Email ID.
6. Now Copy the BookMyShow Voucher Code and it's Expiry Date.

2. Steps to Sell this BookMyShow Voucher in order to Cash it Out In Paytm/Bank Account.

1. First go to
2. Sign Up with new account.
3. After that click on the Sell Gift Card Option.
4. Now search and Choose the BookMyShow from the lists.
5. After thar provide your Voucher details.
Like Voucher Code, Expiry Date etc.
6. Now keep this thing mind that you have to attract buyers to sell your listed voucher fast.
7. So you have to give some discount for buyers like if you have 150 Rs. BookMyShow voucher then list it as 130 Rs.
8. After doing this List Gift Card.
9. One more thing Nafa will also charge its 5% Commission if your Voucher sells.
10. When anyone purchase your BookMyShow Voucher you'll get your Money on Nafa under the section of My Funds within 24 hours.

Trick to Transfer Amazon Pay Balance to Paytm/Bank Account.

1. Go to the then Menu option from Top Right Side.
2. Now Click on "My Funds" Option.
3. After that Enter your Payout details.
4. If you want to transfer your converted Amazon Pay Balance into Paytm Account then give your Paytm Account details. Or if you want transfer into Bank Account then you do so as well.
5. Whenever your Listed Vouchers will be sold you'll get your Money into "My Funds" option.
6. After 48 hours your My Funds amount will be transferred to your Paytm/Bank Account details whatsoever details you have provided to NAFA
7. No minimum redemption is there.

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Conclusion :-

Using the above trick you can transfer your Amazon Pay Balance to your Paytm Wallet/Bank. But as we know that NAFA is also charging 5% of their commission for listing your Vouchers on their Portal. If you want to sell your Vouchers then you need to keep this things in your mind:-

Attractive Discount for Your Listed Voucher:- Yes ! if you want to sell your Vouchers on NAFA then you have to give some attractive discount to your buyers. So that your vouchers can sell out in minimum time.

Keep Patience :- You have to keep some patience if you want to transfer your Amazon Pay Balance to your Paytm Wallet/Account. As it'll take some time for the buyers to buy your listed Vouchers.

Advice:-We'll suggest you to buy the vouchers in low amount if you are going for the first time. One more thing you have to bear some loss (5% commission) in order to exchange your Amazon Pay Balance into Paytm/Bank Cash. Go only for this trick when you have some patience and time to invest for converting your Amazon Pay Balance. Transfer your Amazon Pay Balance into Paytm when you need it.

HDFC OnChat Refer and Earn - Sign Up and Get 40 Rs Both Users

HDFC OnChat Refer and Earn:- HDFC OnChat Refer and Earn is live again to provide the better facility with their online AI assistant to fill up your Mobile Recharges, Bill Payments, Various Coupons and deals. HDFC OnChat has collaborated with Niki App and you can do all your transactions with the help of HDFC OnChat Artificial Assistant. As you know that HDFC OnChat has providing this facility with Niki App and Niki app is an Virtual Friend to help you book cabs, order foods, Pay postpaid bills etc. Now on HDFC OnChat Refer and Earn offer you can refer up to10 of your Friends in order to earn the 400 Rs Referral bonus on HDFC OnChat. From that 400 Rs Referral amount you can use only 50% of that earning amount for your first transaction.
Now you just have to use your new Facebook account and few numbers to grab this HDFC OnChat Refer and Earn offer. As it is the best way to recharge your Jio Plans in the maximum possible cashback by using the Referral amount of HDFC OnChat Offer. It is the best way to do multiple recharges of your Jio Plans in minimal charges. Follow the below steps carefully and loot this HDFC OnChat Refer and Earn offer asap.

HDFC OnChat Refer and Earn - Sign Up and Get 40 Rs Both Users

Yup ! On Every Successful Referral you both will get 40 Rs Sign up and Referral Bonus Respectively. So ask your friends to help you in order to collect Referral amount. But if you are unable then read the whole post. We are going to tell you unlimited for the same. By using that trick you can do self referral to collect the HDFC OnChat 400 Rs points in few minutes.

How To Refer and Earn on HDFC OnChat Offer ?

  1. First of Open Your Chrome Browser (PC Recommended) or Download the FB Messenger App.
  2. Now go to this Link and Create New Facebook ID (As old version will not get 40 Rs OnChat Points)
  3. After that go to this link :-HDFC OnChat Link
  4. Now Click on Continue Option as it'll open Facebook Messenger.
  5. After that Click on "GET STARTED" option.
  6. Now Enter the New number and Verify with OTP.
  7. After that Reply with "Refer" to HDFC OnChat.
  8. Now Copy your Referral link.
  9. After that Share your Referral link to your friends and ask him to do the same steps.
  10. After successful referral you both will get 40 Rs sign up and referral bonus respectively.

Unlimited Trick For HDFC OnChat Refer and Earn Offer 

  1. First of all Copy your Referral link
  2. Now Open your Chrome Browser and open GUEST TAB.
  3. After that Open Temp-mail and in GUEST TAB.
  4. Create the New Facebook ID with the help of Temp-mail
  5. Now After that Copy Paste your Referral link and Click on Continue with your newly created FB ID.
  6. After that Click on GET STARTED option
  7. Enter new number and verify with OTP.
  8. Done.
  9. Now use these steps again and again to create unlimited FB ids and use new number for OTPs and do self  referral with your HDFC OnChat Referral link.

Final Words !!

So this was the post about how to loot HDFC OnChat Referral offer or Refer and Earn Offer of HDFC OnChat. Now you can recharge your Jio plans with this offer. As it is the best one to recharge two Jio plans in just minimal charges. Use the HDFC OnChat Unlimited Refer and Earn trick to instantly earn 400 OnChat points of HDFC OnChat AI.