Get Fit and Earn Rewards: The Ultimate Guide to the Growfitter App's Referral Program and Fittest State Challenge

 The Growfitter App is a fitness rewards platform that is designed to help users reach their fitness goals while earning exciting rewards. The app allows users to track their daily fitness workouts, earn active days for completing daily fitness activities, and discover and purchase memberships at top fitness and sports centers. The app also offers on-demand workout videos, interactive live classes, and personal training options, as well as the ability to book appointments with your preferred fitness centers.

One of the most exciting features of the Growfitter App is its referral  refer and earn program. By using the referral code "  " during sign-up and verifying your mobile and email OTPs, users can instantly earn 10 points. These points can be used to redeem rewards such as Amazon vouchers, Apple AirPods, and even an Apple Watch Series 3. The app also offers daily points for completing activities like walking and running, as well as additional points for completing challenges.

Growfitter Refer and Earn

To make the most of the rewards program, users should refer their loved ones and complete as many activities and challenges as possible. The app has also launched the "Fittest State Challenge" where all the participants of the winning state will get ₹500 growfitter cash, walk 50000 steps & Get assured free Coffee Mug. The top 500 users on the leaderboard will get an assured rewards. The challenge ends on 5th Feb 2023.

The rewards available include Netflix subscription, AJIO vouchers, Uber vouchers, Starbucks vouchers, CROMA vouchers, David Beckham deo, Fireboltt ninja watch, Puma, Adidas and H&M vouchers, and many more. Users can also upgrade to a Growfitter premium subscription to get access to more premium rewards.

How To Refer and Earn Rewards on Growfitter App :-

1. Download the Growfitter App: The first step to earning rewards through the referral program is to download the app. You can find the app in the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Sign Up: Once the app is downloaded, open it and sign up using your Gmail ID or phone number. Fill in your name and email, and enter the referral code " " to earn an instant 10 points.

3. Verify OTPs: Verify the mobile and email OTPs to complete the sign-up process and earn your initial 10 points.

4. Start Referring: Click on the profile icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen, and select the "Refer & Earn" tab. From there, you can share your referral code via WhatsApp, email, or SMS to friends and family.

5. Points Credited: Once your friends or family register using your referral code, points will be credited to your account immediately.

6. Redeem Rewards: Use your points to redeem rewards such as Netflix subscriptions, AJIO vouchers, and even Apple AirPods.

7. Complete Activities and Challenges: To earn more points, complete daily activities such as walking and running and participate in the "Fittest State Challenge." The challenge ends on 5th Feb 2023.

By following these steps, you can earn free rewards while also tracking your daily fitness workouts and discovering top fitness and sports centers. So, download the Growfitter App today, and start earning rewards while getting fit!

About The Growfitter App :-

Another great feature of the Growfitter App is its ability to track your fitness progress. With the app, users can easily monitor their workouts, set fitness goals, and track their progress over time. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, the app offers a variety of features to suit your needs.

In conclusion, the Growfitter App is a great way to stay motivated and reach your fitness goals. With the app, you can earn rewards, track your progress, and discover new fitness options all in one place. The referral program and "Fittest State Challenge" are additional ways to earn rewards and prizes. With its wide range of features and rewards, the Growfitter App is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness.

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