(Winners Declared) Tricksnomy Diwali Giveaway - Participate and Win Paytm Cash Up to 300

Tricksnomy Diwali Giveaway-  Hope you guys doing well in looting free deals and earning tricks. Now its festival season and here at Tricksnomy we are going to create a Tricksnomy Diwali Giveaway Contest on our Blog for our beloved visitors. So that you can take part in this Tricksnomy Diwali Giveaway and Win exciting prizes on this Festival of Lights.

We have been thinking about to give some Diwali gifts to our users. As they do a great work by visiting our site. Nevertheless, if they are interested or not yet they visit on Tricksnomy to see the various posts just for tricks and latest news and deals.
So we are going to tell you the brief information about how to take part in this Tricksnomy Diwali Giveaway Contest. So follow the below rules carefully to be the part for this "Tricksnomy Diwali Giveaway". It's mandatory to stick with the rules otherwise you'll disqualified from this giveaway. So it's better to follow all the rules carefully to Win Paytm Cash up to 300 Rs.

How To Take Part in Tricksnomy Diwali Giveaway ?

  • First Comment below on this Post.
  • You can comment anything like Tricksnomy is the best etc :P
  • Make sure that you have already Signed in to your Gmail account to leave your Comment.
  • First commentator and last commentator will surely get 10 Rs Paytm Cash(Rest can win by taking part in this Contest).
  • You can comment till 7 PM on the date of 19th Oct (Diwali Day).
  • Now Just fill up the below forms carefully to be the part of this Tricksnomy Diwali Giveaway Contest.

Terms and Conditions:-

  • Only one comment will be counted as Valid from one user.
  • Multiple comments or spamming will be result into disqualification from the contest immediately.
  • First and Last Commentator will surely get 10 Rs Paytm Cash as mentioned above.
  • You can comment till 7 PM on the date of  19th Oct. Diwali Festival.
  • And top 10 Winners will get Paytm Cash Upto 300 Rs.
  • Winners will be selected Randomly (Random.org) who will follow all the rules of the Giveaway Contest and mention the number from 1-300 in the above Participation form.
  • Use your genuine Email address and Phone number. As winning prize will be sent only those Email and number after matching the rules of the Giveaway.
  • Result will be announced at 9 PM on 19th Oct i.e. Diwali Day.
  • Winners will get their Prize amounts within 24 hours after the announcement of Giveaway result.
  • Tricksnomy will hold all the rights regarding this Giveaway Contest and can change T&C anytime without giving any proper notifications.
  • For further information you can contact directly to us via tricksnomy@gmail.com.

Prize Distributions:-

  • 1st Winner - 100 Rs Paytm Cash
  • 2nd Winner -  75 Rs Paytm Cash
  • 3rd Winner - 50 Rs Paytm Cash
  • 4th Winner - 25 Rs Paytm Cash
  • 5th-10th  Winner - 10 Rs Paytm Cash

**Winners of this Giveaway**

  • 1st Winner - Anil Kumar  ( 1)
  • 2nd Winner - Sahil Kalsan  (44)
  • 3rd Winner - Vijay Jangra (69)
  • 4th Winner - Ashish Aarya (221)
  • 5th -10th Winner - Rajkumar, Ajit, Anuj Gupta, Naveen Kumar Yadav, Akash, Balwan Singh
First Commentator :- Karam Pal
Last Commentator :- Vijay Jangra

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