What is Whatsapp Business Account and How Does it Work ?

Whatsapp Business Account:- Whatsapp has become one of the best messaging software having over one billion users in 180 countries. Whatsapp account is being used by many people to stay in touch with their beloved ones to share their feelings, chats, happy moments anytime and anywhere. Now Whatsapp is testing their new tool to allure the business expertise with Whatsapp Business Account.

What is Whatsapp Business Account ?

Whatsapp Business Account has been one of the first standalone business account for small and mid-range businesses. We have been hearing about this Business Account by Whatsapp. Have been leaked various report about this tools to come in the market to give the helpful hand to those people who are doing their small initiatives  or mid range businesses by their own and don't having any online dealing platforms for them to chat and finalize their deals over some couple of chats. In this way the Whatsapp has come with their tool and they calling it Whatsapp Business Account for those particular people.
As we now know that this rumored has been changed in to reality and Whatsapp is now testing Whatsapp Business Account. At this time it is on beta testing. If anyone is interested in testing this beta testing phase then you have to fill a small survey of Survey Monkey to be the part of this testing phase of Whatsapp Business Account.

If you somehow see the Green Badge ✔ next to any contact's name then it's simply means that this contact's account belongs to Whatsapp Business Account.

 How Does Whatsapp Business Account Work ?

In order to use this Whatsapp Business account user have to register on it. After that transfer all their business contacts on Business account.This is the sensible option to use your personal Whatsapp account and Whatsapp Business account separately. Follow the below steps to get the Whatsapp Business account. If you want to use Beta Whatsapp Business.

  • First go to this Link Click here.
  • Now fill this survey to be the part of Testing Phase.
  • After that fill all your details like Name, Business name, Number, Email ID etc.
  • Finally click on Done and Submit.
  • You'll be able to Enroll into Beta testing Whatsapp Business Account.

From Where To Download Whatsapp Business App ?

As we have told you about that this app is in Beta Process. So after filling the Survey you have been applied for it and you will be eligible then you'll get the Download link on your Email.
But in some cases if you are eager to use this app then you can use it by downloading it from the below Link.

  • Go to this Link and Click here.
  • Download the app i.e. Beta Whatsapp Business app.
  • Register on it with your number.
  • Now you are free to use your Business account on Whatsapp.

Features of Whatsapp Business App 

  • Create Business Profile
  • Chat Migration
  • Auto Reply
  • Analytics 
Create Business Profile:-In this section you can create your Business profile to show your consumers. You can also add Images, Websites, Description, Address, About etc on your Whatsapp Business Account.

Chat Migration:- You can migrate your Personal Whatsapp Chat messages to your Whatsapp Business account to chat them with your client and closed ones directly.

Auto Reply:- In Whatsapp Business app you can auto reply to your clients with your customized messages.

Analytics:- You can check all the sent and received messages and datas from this section.

How To Manage Your Personal Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business Account ?

As of now you are not able to use your personal Whatsapp account on Whatsapp Business app. Such users who are eager to use Whatsapp Business app they must have to sign up with different number other than using their personal number which they are currently using for their Whatsapp Personal account. It means you have to keep both Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business Account app in your Phone to use both facilities of Whatsapp.
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