Redmi 3s/Redmi 3s Prime MIUI 9 Global Update Released Download & Install/Nightly Update

Redmi 3s/ Redmi 3s Prime MIUI 9 Update Released:- Finally, the wait is over for third batch of devices which are going to get MIUI 9 Stable update on their respective Late December. It's been so long since we have seen any update after Stable Update MIUI on Redmi 3s/ Redmi 3s prime. As their users have been chanting and have been desperately waiting for the MIUI 9 Update for Redmi 3s. As we all know that the MIUI 9 Beta/Developer Rom has been already released for the beta users for the testing purpose on the Redmi 3s/Prime. But some of the users want to get the MIUI 9 Stable update on the Redmi 3s/Prime.


We are aware of this fact that first some users will get Redmi 3s Nightly MIUI 9 update on their device if they are on the MIUI stable update. As Xiaomi provide the Nightly update to Random users to check their OTA process of getting the MIUI 9 Update on Redmi 3s device or not. It doesn't matter that if you didn't get this Nightly update or you got it ? Since it'd be only for testing purpose of that OTA update of  MIUI 9 Redmi 3s Update. So you just have to keep some patience though as you have already did that. After waiting for it from few months.

Redmi 3s/Prime has been one of the best selling device for Xiaomi at that time when Xiaomi was trying to set its foots in the Indian Smartphone's Market. Redmi 3s/ Prime had given a chance to get this successful journey on the right track to reach the destination of becoming the Company of No.1 selling smartphones in India. Redmi 3s/prime was only the initial starter.But what the Xiaomi has given to the Redmi 3s/ Prime users? I am talking about the priority here. Should Redmi 3s/Prime have not got that top notch specs to get the update of Android Nougat ? Yes it was and for some users they think it is.. Even though the Xiaomi has been treating the Redmi 3s/prime as one their old devices and put it into the third batch to get the MIUI 9 Global Stable update in late december.

Before this you have been wondering about the Android Nougat update on Redmi 3s prime. As out of the box Redmi 3s/ prime has launched on the Marshmallow. So as per some spooky rule it was necessary to get the Android nougat update on Redmi 3s. But still we are requesting to Xiaomi with our folded hands to give at least one Android update to the Redmi 3s. I know you have been searching these questions about Redmi 3s prime. That when the Redmi 3s will get MIUI 9 update? MIUI 9 update for Redmi 3s ? Will Redmi 3s get MIUI 9 update or not ? Redmi 3s MIUI 9 Update Release date and so on......!!!

Nevertheless, the date for the third batch devices has come which are going to get the MIUI 9 Stable Rom update on their devices. Redmi 3s/Prime is also one of them. So here we are going to talk about the Redmi 3s/ Prime MIUI 9 Update, Download and Installation Steps/Process. So please read the steps and process carefully to Update your Redmi 3s/prime on latest MIUI 9. Here we are trying to provide the latest MIUI 9 update of Redmi 3s/Prime

How To Download and Update/Install  MIUI 9 Global Stable on Redmi 3s/Prime ?

#Updated on 2 Feb

  • First of  Visit to the Official Site if you haven't go the Nightly Update via OTA by DOWNLOAD NIGHTLY ROM
  • After this Download the MIUI 9 Global Stable Rom for Redmi 3s/ Prime.
  • After Downloading the Rom package,
  • Go to the Updater app. Now in the Updater App click on three dots button present in the right upper corner.
  • After clicking those three dots you'll see the Choose and Update option.
  • Just select the Rom Package of MIUI 9 Stable Update.
  • Click on Ok. Wait for Decryption process for the Rom Package.
  • After getting the decryption process to be done.
  • Then it'll ask you to Reboot your device to update the MIUI 9 on your Redmi 3s/Prime.
  • Now click on Ok and wait for 10-15 minutes. During this process don't reboot and press any buttons in your device.
  • After some time your Redmi 3s will be updated to MIUI 9.

MIUI  Performance, Reviews, Battery Back Up For Redmi 3s/3s Prime

Even after rolling out the Nightly Update of MIUI 9 Version for Redmi 3s via OTA. Some of the users are still waiting for the Official update of MIUI 9 Global Stable Update for Redmi 3s on their Official Site. So that they can update it and can test the MIUI 9 Stable Update of their Redmi 3s Devices. As we have already provided the download link of Nightly Rom of MIUI 9 Stable Update. So if you are eager to experience the Nightly MIUI update then you can download the Nightly Rom Package from the given Link.

We are going to tell you how is the MIUI 9 Nightly Stable Rom for Redmi 3s. How is the experience of MIUI 9 Vs MIUI 8. So far we have noticed that it's smoother than MIUI 8 if we are opening or closing any apps. But at the same time found some glitch on Recent Menu Button to see the Recent Memory Usage. Overall the performance of Rom is quite okay. Can't say it is much more performative than MIUI 8. May be because of it's Nightly Update which is still in testing phase ?

#Charging Time 

In MIUI charging time is same in my opinion as it was same on MIUI 8 for me. If we talk about Battery Charging time for MIUI then it is taking near about 2 hours 45 Minutes to juice up the battery from 20% to 98%.

#Battery Back Up

In MIUI the battery backup has been slightly improved. As we have been using it since two days and it's performing well for us. We are attaching some screenshots of Battery Usage of MIUI so that you can get some idea about it.

MIUI 9 Battery BackUp on Redmi 3s

MIUI 9 Battery BackUp on Redmi 3s

MIUI 9 Battery BackUp on Redmi 3s

Final Words !!

After waiting for the decades :p We are finally going to update our Redmi 3s/prime on MIUI 9 global stable. Let's see this update will be better than the previous and will be lighting fast on our Redmi 3s prime as Xiaomi have been claiming. Hope we don't get any bugs in this MIUI 9 Global stable rom for Redmi 3s/ Redmi 3s Prime. Because we have already waited for this MIUI 9 update and bugs will only make us feel bad about this MIUI 9 update.
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