How To Get Google Adsense Approval Fast With this Little Trick-2018

Google Adsense Fast Approval Trick 2018:- Google Adsense is one of the best Advertising platform for Bloggers and You Tubers to earn money from their quality contents. But sometime its become very tough to get Approval of Google Adsense. Here are some best method which surely going to help those newbie bloggers out there who are trying to get Google Adsense Approval easily and want to get the fully approved Google Adsense Account.

Google Adsense is somewhat the best way to earn sound revenue for Bloggers/Webmasters. But it's not always necessary to get Google Adsense Approval by just creating a BLOG ! Especially if you are beginner then you must know about the Google's Terms and Conditions. But if you have website which matches the criteria of  Google Adsense then you should monetize your blog with Google Adsense. There are also best alternatives of Google Adsense. But most of the Webmasters prefer to get the Google Adsense Approval first on their Blogs. As it is the best platform to earn money online for their Contents.

Due to strict rules of Adsense, people fail to get Google Adsense Approval. So we are going to cover almost all the best methods and tricks to get the fully approved Google Adsense for a particular Blog/Site. Before this we have to understand that how does Google Adsense works ? Google Adsense is Bid based CPC and RPM networks and there are lots of Advertisers which works on the different niches. Google Adsense is the Great Ad Networks which offers the best CPC rates and show the Ads related to the Content which increases the CTR to earn money online. Google Adsense CPC rates vary according to the visitors and can go from 0.15$ -15$.

Google Adsense has been trusted by many of the bloggers and Advertisers and usually they never accept application randomly who are trying to get Google Adsense Approval. You need to show them most professional approach to get the Google Adsense Approval Fast within few days ! Else Adsense will throw your Application aside.

Why Google Adsense Account Disapproved ~ Reasons !

* Insufficient Contents 
* Site does not comply with policies
* Site Violates Program and Policies of Adsense
* It may be down while Reviewing.

So now it's time to know all the possible way to get Google Adsense Approval Fast within few days for your blog. Let's talk about those essential points which are required to get Google Adsense Approval for your Blog or Site. We are going to tell you the best way to get the Adsense approval within 4 days or less with some simple trick.

How to Get Google AdSense Approval Fast 2018 

Some Best Tips and Tricks to Get Google AdSense Approval Fast 2018

#1 Blog/Site Design :-  First we are going to talk about your Blog design. How does it look ? If it's not looking pleasing to get the right information about the Blog idea on which the Blog/Site is about, then most probably unlike other e-commerce sites which gets disapproved within a day. Your blog site can be also one of them which may get disapproved. So first you have to focus on your Blog theme and templates to look appealing.

#2 Quality Contents :- As we are aware of this thing that Google Adsense is CPC and RPM based ad networks and show the ads related to the contents. Then it is necessary to have the quality contents on your blog. Don't ever try to copy and paste from other sites which are already crawled by Google Web masters and Google knows better where that content is exactly posted before posting that content on your Blog. Often, the new blogger copy the content from other sites and paste on their site. So if you are doing the same then stop it right now. Apart from this you should have quality content with at least 500+ words.

#3 Domain name :- If you are going to get the instant Google Adsense Approval then you can't get that with Sub domains. So it's better to have some top-level domains like .dom, .net, or .org etc. It has been noticed that it's become easy to get the Fast Google Adsense Approval with Top-Level domains rather than having Sub domains like As Google Adsense appreciates the Top-Level and Unique domains and if you write high quality contents then it's become one of the best criteria to get the fast Google Adsense Approval.

#4 Important Pages :- On your blog you should have some important pages like Privacy and Policy, About Us, Contact Us and Disclaimer Pages. As these are the important pages to know the best information or to get the right Idea about your Blog. Google will get the right information with the help of these pages on which niche content is your Blog about and then Adsense will match the niche content to their terms and conditions and will try to approve your Google Adsense Application as fast as possible.

#5 Sitemaps and Google Webmasters :- Before applying for the Google Adsense. It is necessary to submit your blog into Google Webmasters. So that it can be ranked up on the Google Search pages results. Other than this you must have Sitemaps of your Blog and it should be submitted to Google Web master pages.

#6 Robots.txt :- Robots.txt file should be created for your blog  and should be correctly submitted to Google Webmaster. So that your site can rank only those necessary pages which are required not those junked pages.

#7 Decent Traffic :- Some of the forums claim that Google Adsense doesn't need traffic to give the Fast Approval of Google Adsense. But trust me that it is required to have some decent traffic or page views on your Blog lets say 100 to 120 page views per day to get the Adsense Fast Approval on your Blog.

#8 Number of  Posts :- Most of the pages say that you should have at least 40-50+ posts  on your blog to get Adsense approval. But it is not necessary. You can get Google Adsense Approval Fast within few weeks by just having 10 - 11 Posts on your Blogs. But you should keep this thing that all those 10 or 11 posts should be quality contents and must have minimum 500+ words in it.

#9 Email Id and Information :- Most important thing is that you should have the Email Id related to your Domain Name as it'll make some great impact on Google Adsense to give you Approval for being as serious or Professional attitude towards blogging. Even though if you don't have Email id that's name matching to your Blog domain then don't worry you can apply with any Email ID but yes keep in mind that you have to use Fresh Email ID which has not been used before on Google Adsense somehow like YouTube monetization. Email ID should be new and you information should be unique before applying for Google Adsense. Don't ever use the used Email ID and Information which you have used earlier to apply on Adsense and got rejected for the same.

Once your Website or Blog is ready after applying all these important guidelines and then you can Apply for Google Adsense by Clicking here Google Adsense Apply, and make sure that you have gone through the Google Adsense TOC

Some Best Tricks to Keep in Mind before Applying for Google Adsense

After using those above guidelines. Follow some best tricks to get assured about the approval of your Google Adsense. With this Little trick for Google Adsense Approval. You can rest assured that your application will be selected for Fully Approved Google Adsense. And your blog will be qualify according to the Terms and Conditions of Google Adsense.

* First you have to do all those above mention things on your blog.
* Now after this you have to get some daily traffics from various platforms like Google Pages and Social pages.
* After that you have to choose the layout or Color of your blog to some professional like Blue and Green etc.
* Now for traffic you have to use Jingling traffic Bot to get some sound traffic from various places.
* Done ! After doing all these things for few weeks you can apply for Google Adsense and then you can easily get Google Adsense Approval Fast within 3-4 days or less than a week.

Final Words !!

So you can get the Google Adsense Approval fast with this little trick in 2018. Just follow the above guidelines carefully. And make sure that your content is quality content and lengthy having minimum 500+ words. If you are still have some questions regarding the Google Adsense Approval then you can comment below.
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  1. Yeah a lot of people are getting hurt by Google AdSense. Same with YouTubers too.

    The issue is that they've brought it on themselves! For the very reasons you've brought up.

    Content is King. And even more now than ever! Great post

    1. Thanks Sam Nuku for commenting such a lovely words for our post.

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