Patanjali Swadeshi Sim Card - How To Buy ? Offer on Patanjali Sim

Buy Patanjali Swadeshi Sim:- Baba Ramdev's Patanjali sim has been launched in alliance with BSNL. After immensely gaining popularity in the Consumer Goods Market. Now Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Sim is here to provide the Swadeshi Network to their consumers with awesome plans and offers. On the Sunday Patanjali Launched its Sim Called "Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Sim Cards". if you have been also reading the Memes on such Patanjali Sim Cards on the social Media with comparison of Jio Sim Cards to beat with the Swadeshi Network.So we think Baba Ramdev had taken this Memes seriously and launched their Patanjali sim with collaboration with BSNL to enter in the telecom market.

From now, Patanjali Sim only will be available for Patanjali Employees. As of now there isn't any information available when this Swadeshi Sim will be available for Public at what price. Whether you can buy Patanjali Sim for free online or you have to submit your IDs offline to grab it. Don't have enough information about these things. If you are Patanjali Employee's then you can get benefit from the Patanjali Sim after buying it. Moreover of this you'll be also able to get 10% off on all the Patanjali Products if you are going to buy the Patanjali Sim Card. 
patanjali swadeshi sim card
But Further today BSNL tweeted "Those who are not the members of Patanjali Family, they can subscribe and buy BSNL-PATANJALI Sim Cards and enjoy the same plans". After this practically it'll be asloa available for mango people to have the Patanjali Sim on their names. Means you have to buy this Sim cards with your AADHAR card. 

In Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Sim Cards.Not only you get the benefit of the 144 Rs Plan but also you'll get life insurance of 5 lacs and accident insurance of 2 lacs. Now it has clear that you can "buy Patanjali Sim card" if you are agree to buy this. Even if you are not the employee of Patanjali.

On the other hand Swadeshi Samriddhi card is the initiative of Patanjali to promote the Digital India to do cashless transactions also. You can use Samriddhi card as debit card at Patanjali's Stores, Hospitals etc. On this Swadeshi Samriddhi Card there are images of Balakrishanan and Baba Ramdev. The annual charge of this Card is 20 Rs. You have to top up this card with 1000 Rs and have to maintain the minimum balance of 500 Rs.

How To Buy Patanjali Swadeshi Sim Card -

1. First go to the BSNL Retail Store.
2. Now you have to use your AADHAR Card.
3. Do the KYC verifications.
4. Now pay the 144 Rs for the Plan
5. Done.

Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Sim Cards Offers and Plans :-

There are many offers soon going to available for the Patanjali Swadeshi Sim Card. But as of now the popular plan of 144 Rs is going to offer you 2GB/Day Data, Unlimited Calls and Messages.
  • In 144 Rs plan you are going to get Unlimited Calls, 100 Sms per day and 2GB data per day. All STD and Local Calls are going to cover in this plan.
  • Apart from this you are going to get 5 Lac Rs Life Insurance
  • 2 Lac Rs Accident Insurance 
  • 10 percent off on all the Patanjali Products after purchasing the "Patanjali Swadeshi Sim Cards"

FAQs About Patanjali Swadeshi Sim Card :-

  • Can we buy Patanjali Sim Card Online for Free ?
There isn't any information revealed to "buy patanjali sim online" rather than going to offline market to purchase it.
  • What will be the offers and plans on Patanjali Sim Card ?
Right now, In Patanjali sim the best plan they are offering at 144 Rs plan. In which consumers will get 2GB/Day data, Unlimited Calls and 100 Sms Free of Cost.
  • From where we have to go to buy this Patanjali Sim offline ?
To buy patanjali sim offline. As of now, how to buy online patanjali sim isn't available any source on this. But to buy it offline you have to visit your nearest BSNL Outlet Store.

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