ringID Refer and Earn Paytm Cash Offer - Get 20 Rs Sign Up + 20 Rs Per Refer

Thinking about earning paytm cash by referring a simple Free Video Calls, Secret Chats, Feeds and Stickers app to your friends. ringID app is here to provide such features along with "Refer and Earn" scheme to earn paytm cash by referring this Free Video broadcasting app to your friends. You can get 20 Rs as Sign Up bonus on ringID app plus 20 Rs referral bonus on each successful referral done by your friends. You can get ringID referral code as pop-up notification while registering on the app.
ringID App Refer and Earn:- To promote their ringID app they are exaggerating their app is consisting various features like Live Interactive, by choosing this you can directly send messages, gifts to viewers. You can donate your earning if you are much into charity kinds of stuff. Both way direct videos and calls support. That means you can directly call to the viewers. Live video support feature in ringID app provides you to be live from anywhere & anytime. Now to promote these features ringID app has brought Refer and Earn paytm, Jio Money and Airtel Money offer.

ringID Refer and Earn Paytm Cash

Steps To Get 20 Rs Sign Up Bonus on ringID App:-

To avail the Sign Up Bonus you have to follow the below steps carefully. As if you missed the chance to put the referral code of ringID app which we are going to mention below in the steps then you won't get any Sign-Up Bonus.

  • First of all Download, the app from here Download ringID app.
  • Now Install the app then click on Continue and Enter your Number and Verify it.
  • It'll automatically enter the OTP if not then you can enter manually.
  • After this, Set your Name, you'll be redirected to HOME.
  • Enter Refer Code - 13830278 (Must Enter to Get 20 Rs Signup Bonus).
  • Enter Refer Now and Submit.
  • Voila! You'll get the 20 Rs Sign Up Bonus.

Steps To Refer and Earn on ringID App:-

  • On the Home Screen of ringID app.
  • Click on 4 dots Top Right Corner.
  • Invite your Friends on ringID app.
  • Your ringID is your Referral Code.
  • Whenever your Friends Sign Up using your Referral code you both will get 20 Rs in your wallet.

Steps To Earn Yourself on ringID App:-

You can earn coins on ringID app by watching ads on the app. There are options for Watch Ads, Hourly Check. Each Hourly Check will grant you 50 Coins and Watching ads can earn you 10 Coins.
  • Go to the Wallet Section of ringID App.
  • You'll see some options of Watch Ads, Hourly Check
  • Choose the option and Earn coins.
  • Hourly Check will give 50 points
  • Watching ads on ringID can give you 10 Points.

ringID App Unlimited Trick Method #1:-

You can earn unlimited on ringID app by yourself if your friends are too lazy to install the app and don't want to help you by using your ringID referral code. So you can earn unlimited on ringID app.
Here in this Unlimited trick of RingID app, you have to use Parallel Space app if you are not an MI user. Mi User can give a try with their Dual Apps Feature or Second Space feature to clone this ringID app to earn Unlimited times.

  • First of all Note Down your ringID Referral Code.
  • Now Use Parallel Space or Dual Space Feature.
  • Open the ringID app in Parallel Space Enter New Number Verify it with OTP.
  • Enter your Referral Code Ring ID app.
  • Now you'll get the Referral Bonus.
  • After this repeat, this step again and again to earn unlimited times.

RingID Refer and Earn Unlimited Trick Method #2:-

In the #2nd Method of Unlimited Trick, we are going to use App Cloner App. Using this app you can clone the RingID as much as you want on your phone. Now just grab some number for OTP Verification and follow the below steps to earn unlimited in RingID app.

  • First off Download the App Cloner App Download App Cloner.
  • Now Open the App Cloner App.
  • Select the RingID App
  • Now as per your choice your Change the Color Name, Number of Clone for RingID app.
  • After that Clone RingID App and Install it.
  • After installing Open the RingID app and Enter New Number.
  • Verify it with OTP and Enter your Referral Code of RingID.
  • Now After doing this. You'll get your Referral.
  • Now Repeat the Step, again and again, to earn unlimited.

Final Verdict:-

Using the RingID refer and earn unlimited trick you can earn sound paytm cash. But keep in mind that if you are using repeatedly without following the proper steps you can get some error like "operation failed" etc. It means you may be blocked from your ringid account. So follow the proper steps to earn unlimited.
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