How To Send & Receive Money Through WhatsApp Payment Gateway

WhatsApp Payment Gateway:- Facebook Inc. is all set to launch WhatsApp Payment Gateway in India in next few weeks. Now Indian will be able to transfer money through WhatsApp Payments. If you're trying to transfer money using other gateways like freecharge, paytm or any other platforms then now you don't need such applications to install on your phone to send money. As your beloved messaging app WhatsApp has now its feature of sending money using UPI integration."WhatsApp Send Money" feature is here to solve all your hassle to send money through it(WhatsApp).

WhatsApp Payments Send Receive Money
Now Money transfer through WhatsApp will be easy for some users as they don't have to always update their PayTm, Freecharge or Bhim to send money to their friends and relatives. "WhatsApp payment gateway" is now providing their users to send and receive money through its UPI payments feature. Using "WhatsApp transfer money" feature aka WhatsApp Payments Feature you can send up to 5000 Rs as of now. I hope they will soon increase the limit of sending/receiving money on WhatsApp UPI feature.

What is WhatsApp Payment Gateway?

WhatsApp Payment Gateway is somewhat like peer-to-peer payment option. Which means you can directly send/receive money to the users in their bank accounts. If they have enabled this WhatsApp to send money feature on their number," of course on their WhatsApp Number", which they are using currently. Make sure the number you are using on or for WhatsApp. That number should be active and present in your Smartphone phone. And that number should be linked with any of your bank accounts. Then you'll be able to send/receive money using WhatsApp Payments Gateway.

Who Can use this WhatsApp Payments Gateway?

  • Whomsoever have WhatsApp App Installed on their Smartphones.
  • Both the Sender and Receiver should have the latest WhatsApp version installed on their phone and WhatsApp Payments should be enabled too on their Android phones.
  • WhatsApp number should be same as your Mobile number and inserted or should be present in your Android phones. It'd be linked to your bank accounts as well.

How To Get WhatsApp Payment Options/Invite?

Since the WhatsApp Payment Feature was in Beta phase. We have already provided this feature to some users by inviting them. As that time WhatsApp Payments was not available for many of the users. But don't worry if you are still searching for this then you can follow the below steps to get the invite for WhatsApp payment.

  • First, go to the this Link WhatsApp Payment Invite
  • Now wait for few minutes/hours 
  • As soon as we'll see your message, we'll try to invite you for Whatsapp payments.
  • Done, now you'll get this feature on your WhatsApp number.

How To Link Bank Account for WhatsApp Payments?

To link your bank accounts on WhatsApp.You have to first get the payments option reflected for your WhatsApp Number. After that, you'll be able to set up your Bank accounts for WhatsApp money transfer. Follow the below steps to do that:- 

  • Open up the WhatsApp.
  • Go to three "dots" on the top right corner.
  • Then Tap on the "Settings" option.
  • Then the fourth option will be "Payments"
  • Click on "Accept and Continue"
  • Now it'll ask you to verify your Number using SMS, tap on "Verify Via SMS"
  • An Sms will be sent from your number and some charges will cut in order to verify your number.
  • After that, you'll see all the UPI supported banks list. Select your Bank Name of which your WhatsApp Number is linked with.
  • Now you'll see the last four digit of your linked bank account with that number.
  • Select it and proceed ahead.
  • After that, you'll see that Set Up process has been complete now you are good to go for sending and receiving payments with Whatsapp.

How To Send & Receive Money With WhatsApp Payments?

Now if you want to transfer money through WhatsApp to whom you are exchanging chatting. Then you can do so easily with WhatsApp Payments. With WhatsApp Paments you can send up to 5000 Rs. to an Individual at a time. WhatsApp Transfer Money is an enriched option that'll replace the Paytm Karo things soon in our opinion as it is easy and fast to pay with WhatsApp, someone.

  • Open the Chat option of that person to whom you want to send money.
  • Now click on "attachment menu" option.
  • "Payments" option will be reflected there.
  • Click on the payments option and Enter the amount how much you want to send that individual.
  • After entering the amount. Add any messages or notes if you want to add.
  • Now enter your UPI pin.
  • Done! Your money soon will be sent to that person.
  • You can see the payments details of your transactions there as well.

How To Receive Money With WhatsApp Payments?

If you'll receive money through WhatsApp payments then WhatsApp will send you a message regarding that transactions. You can check that by checking the details of your bank accounts whether you have received any money or not. However. you can go to that person's chat and see the details as well.

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