PayTM Mall New User Cashback Offer - Get Products Worth 500-600 Rs Free of Cost.

Paytm Mall New User Cashback Offer - If you are New User on Paytm Mall then you are eligible for Cashback offer for your First Shopping on PayTM Mall. You can get 500-700 Products Free of Cost. That means you can avail 100% Cashback on your first shopping purchase.

PayTM Mall always tries to astonish their users by giving them "Cashback Offer on the First Shopping" to their new users. So that they can become an addict to their services of cashback. PayTM Mall provides some best First Time Cashback Promocodes. Which gives the 100% Cashback on the desired products.
New User Cashback Offer on PayTM Mall

Now they have come back with some best first time buying cashback offer. Where new users can apply three PayTM Mall Cashback Promocodes. By applying separately on each product can give cash back up to 100%. However, you can read this post trick to use firsttimelucky code twice. Or you can also get some best paytm mall products suggestions.

What is the PayTM MAll New Cashback Offer?

Offer is simple you have to choose any of the three products from the PayTM Mall App. After this, you have to apply the provided new promocodes on those products one after the another. Steps are given below. You can read that too. Possible cashback after applying these promocodes you can avail up 100% cashback on your purchase. 

Steps To Avail the PayTM Mall New Users Cashback Offer:-

  • First of all Download or Open the PayTM Mall App.
  • Now Open your New PayTM ID and Login with it.
  • After this add three products in your PayTM Mall Cart. ( Make sure that the Products worth 299 Rs and shows ONCEAMONTH, FASTAGMALL and FIRTTIMELUCKY promocode on their product page ).
  • Add one product and then apply ONCEAMONTH code and Press Back.
  • Now again search products that are showing the FIRSTTIMELUCKY promocodes on their Product page. Add one product and apply the FIRTTIMELUCKY code and press back.
  • Now again search products that are showing the FASTAGMALL promocodes on their Product page. Add one product and apply the FASTAGMALL code and press back.
  • If any of the above-mentioned code is not applying then go to the CART and apply these code manually on the products.
  • After applying each code for every product. Pay the amount of your cart value.
  • Make sure that these codes are applied successfully.
  • If your KYC is not done yet, then your cashback will come in the form of GOLD which you can resell later on PayTM at 3% charge.


Products  Link
Dabur Honey
BournVita 5 Star
Aer Pocket Assorted
Cello Technotip Pen
Debonair Aviator


  • What if my KYC is not done on the PayTM? Can I avail this Paytm Mall Cashback offer?

Yes! If you are a "NEW USER" for Paytm and PayTM Mall. Then you can avail or get this Cashback offer. As they are providing the cashback in the form of GOLD. Which you can sell again on the PayTM by paying the 3% extra charge for converting your PayTM Gold.

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