How To Play Dus (10) Ka Dum Play Along & Win Prizes On SonyLiv App

Play Along Dus (10) Ka Dum & Win Prizes - Dus (10 Ka Dum is an Indian Reality Show that has been telecasting on the Sony TV and streaming live on the SonyLiv App. 10 Ka Dum is Quiz Based show that is completely based on the "Guessing" power between 0%-100%. That's why the Host Salman Khan uses the Tagline of  Bano Ghar Baithe "Anumandhari" that means you can Play Along Dus (10) Ka Dum using your Mobile Smartphone on SonyLiv App.

Play Dus (10) Ka Dum- This Dus Ka Dum game show on SonyLiv is purely based on your guessing power. So if you are good at guessing the right answer then you can easily answer these questions which are being asked on the dus ka dum show. You'll get the percentage lever to lock the right answer of percentage amount from the 100% percent for the particular questions. 
How To Play Dus (10) Ka Dum Play Along & Win Prizes On SonyLiv App
All the questions are based on the survey polls. Where you'll be given a 100% range scale for the particular question. You just have to guess right approximates the percentage for the correct answer between 0% to 100%. Suppose that you have chosen the 57% as per your guess that it'd be correct for that Poll Question then if the answer would be 60% then you'll get the decreased amount of the points on Play-Along Dus Ka Dum SonyLiv App.

However, there are various rounds to play on Sony Tv. But on the DKD-PLAY ALONG with SonyLiv App, you have to play it online to select the range of the percentage from 0% to 100%. For selecting the guessing range of the question you'll get on the screen of your Dus Ka Dum App.

To guess the correct answer and then select the range of percentage you'll be given 2 Mins to lock your final answer. After this, the correct answer will be shown on your SonyLiv App. The points for the answer will be given on the basis of how much close your answer was to the correct percentage. Means you'll be given points according to the close percentage for the right answer. The same you can check on their POINT SYSTEM on SonyLiv App.

How To Register For Dus (10) Ka Dum on SonyLiv App?

So to play "Dus(10) Ka Dum" online on a mobile phone you need to download the Dus Ka Dum App i.e. SonyLiv App. To play live dus ka dum on your smartphone you have to first download the app and then register on it with your Email ID. After then you'll be able to play this Dus(10) Ka Dum quiz game show live on your mobile phone. So follow the below steps to register and download the Dus Ka Dum App.

  • First Download the Dus Ka Dum App i.e. SonyLiv App.
  • Install the App and Open it.
  • Now Click on the Left Upper Corner of Three Bar Button.
  • Now Login or Sign Up on the SonyLiv App.
  • After this on Click on Upper Left Corner there you'll see DKD-PLAY ALONG Option.
  • Click on it and Start Playing Live During the Live Game Show.

How To Play Dus (10) Ka Dum Play Along & Win Prizes On SonyLiv App

Dus Ka Dum is interactive live in-game polls show which you can play live on sonyliv app. Just active at the right time when the game starts. Open your SonyLiv App and wait for the Poll questions to appear on your smartphones. You can play live 10 Ka Dum using your smartphones. Quickly guess the correct approximate percentage for the poll's question using the percentage scale.

You can also relate this game show as Sabse Smart Kaun on Hotstar App. Apart from this India Ke Mast Kalandar is also a Play-Along Game show which you can play live on SonyLiv App. So follow the below steps to play dus ka dum live on your mobile.

  • Open the SonyLiv App.
  • Click on the Banner of the DUS(10) KA DUM.
  • After this Click on Play Now option.
  • Now, wait for the question to appear on the SonyLiv App.
  • Select the correct percentage for the question between 0%-100%.
  • Done. Now, wait for the correct approximate answer.
  • After this, you'll get points according to your correct approximate percentage.

Ending Essence:-

So this was the post about how you can play live Dus(10) Ka Dum on SonyLiv App online on your Smartphone. Playing live Dus Ka Dum you can also Win Exciting Prizes. Just try to guess the correct approximate percentage for the questions from 0%-100% and earn points according to your correct guessing percentage for that particular questions. Score the highest points and become the Anumaandhari and win prizes.
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