How To Make Money On WhatsApp Using Amazon Affiliate Program

Make Money On WhatsApp Using Amazon Affiliate Program:- This title could be interesting for you we know about this as we quoting "Make Money on WhatsApp"? Sounding a bit curious for most of the users who are consistently searching these phrases how we can actually make money on WhatsApp

We have already heard about "Amazon India Affiliate Program". But don't know how actually we can use this with WhatsApp to convert the Amazon Affiliate Program into Money Making Tool.
Amazon WhatsApp Affiliate Program can be described as Marketing form where you refer someone to any of Amazon's best deals & offers Online and when that person buys a product on your recommendation, you'll receive a commission.
WhatsApp Amazon Affiliate Program could be one of the best things to earn money or you can say make money with WhatsApp. If you are not into much sharing your boring Status on WhatsApp instead of Sharing Some useful links that could give you some sound money.
How To Make Money On WhatsApp Using Amazon Affiliate Program
I mean come on, You know you are just replying to those useless chats, which are just simply not entertaining for you a long time. Rather than wasting your time for no reason. So it's better to sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program. That'll surely help you to earn some bucks.

If you are having lots of friends and those are interesting into cheap thrills. So you need to make "WhatsApp Group" and add them into that group.
Apart from the Amazon Affiliate Program, you can also make money on WhatsApp using Meesho App. Where you have to Refer Meesho App along with your Referral Code to someone. When that person places his/her first order on Meesho App. You'll get 250 Rupees Bank Cash after the order's get delivered.
Now after adding them, make sure you are smartly sharing some product links which are helpful for them. This is the simple concept of involving the WhatsApp into this topic of Amazon Affiliate Program to Make Money online.

Few People are earning sound income through Amazon Affiliate Program, and they are using WhatsApp to share their affiliate links because the conversion rate is higher on WhatsApp than other platforms.

People on Amazon Affiliate WhatsApp groups are generally active more than other platforms; that's why using WhatsApp as a prime tool would be an excellent idea for affiliaters to earn high commission.

It's too easy to create a WhatsApp Amazon Affiliate Groups & add relevant users into such groups. After that, you're ready to post your Amazon Affiliate links on WhatsApp groups.

Note:- To be on the safe side. You should keep a blog either on the Blogspot or Wordpress to share your Amazon Affiliate Links. So that Amazon couldn't block your affiliate account for any random reasons.

How To Make Money On WhatsApp Using Amazon Affiliate Program?

That could be interesting to see the WhatsApp word to make money using Amazon Affiliate. As most of the users must have been thinking that they need some kind of blog to start this thing of Amazon Affiliate.

We are not ignoring this thing that we don't actually need a Website or Blog. But we are assuring this that you don't have to waste any money to create any so-called website or blog.
Amazon Affiliate Earning Report
You can simply use Blogger Blogs to just approve your Amazon Affiliate Account. After verifying the Amazon Affiliate Account. You have to find the latest "Deals & Offers" on Various products which you can share on WhatsApp Group.

How To Create Amazon Affiliate Account?

Amazon Affiliate Account or Amazon Associates both are the same things. So don't confuse between these two things. We are sharing the whole steps to "create amazon associates (amazon affiliate) account". So that you can easily earn by sharing the "Affiliate Links" on WhatsApp Group.

Requirements To Create Amazon Affiliate Account:-

  • Amazon Account.
  • Blogger Blog.
  • WhatsApp Group.
  • Telegram Group.

Steps To Create Amazon Affiliate Account:-

You have to create a simple blog on You can pick any name whatever you like. It's totally free of cost. You don't have to invest any money in creating a free blog on Blogger. 

After that go to the & Login & then go to the Amazon Affiliate official site and fill up all your details. Follow the steps exactly to create an Amazon Affiliate Account.

  • First of all, go to the
  • Click on New Blog or Create a New Blog Option.
  • Now Enter the Title of Your Blog Name & then Address of Your Blog.
  • Choose the Simple theme and Click on "Create Blog" & Done.
  • Now You have successfully Created Your Blogger Blog.

After this, you have to create an Amazon Affiliate Account. Just follow the below steps to create the Amazon Affiliate account.

  • First of all, go to the Amazon Affiliate Program.
  • Now Click on the Join Now For Free.
  • After this, you have to log in with your Amazon Account Details.
  • At the First, you'll be asked for the "Account Information" where you have to fill your Name & Address Details.
Amazon Affiliate Account Information

  • Check Mark the "Payee Name" according to the address & Check Mark No for U.S. Tax Purposes.
  • Now in the next Step Enter the Address of Your Newly Created Blog click on Next.
  • Now in the Next Step Enter the Associates Store Name ID. You can enter your Blog Name.
Amazon Affiliate Account Website Information

  • After this, it'll ask a few more questions to fill about your Blog. Just choose the Topic related to your Blog and finally fill the "CAPTCHA" to finish the Sign Up Process.
  • Now Login the Same Amazon Account & You'll be able to see the "Amazon Associates SiteSripe" on the top of the "Your Order" Option.
  • Now Simply search any discounted & deals and Click on the "TEXT" option on Amazon SiteStripe to create the Affiliated Link.
Amazon Affiliate Account SiteStripe

  • Now Share the Link on WhatsApp Group, So that group members can buy that product from your Link. The more they'll use your Link to buy that product. You'll get some commission on every sale of that product.
  • That's how you can make money on WhatsApp using Amazon Affiliate Program.

How To Use WhatsApp For Amazon Affiliate Program?

After finding lots of deals & offers on Amazon. You can create the Affiliated Link using the Amazon SiteStripe and then start sharing those links into your WhatsApp group. So that users can grab those "Deals & Offers" as fast as they can.

The more you sell that product using your Affiliated Links the more you'll be able to earn commission from the Amazon that'd be directly sent to your Bank Account. If you are seeking any other offer that provides the same way to earn money then you can use Meesho Refer & Earn on Referral's First Order.

Ending Essence:-

That's how you can actually make money on WhatsApp using Amazon Affiliate Program. It is so easy to earn money using the WhatsApp Amazon Affiliate Program without investing any single penny. Just use the free blog from blogger and use this blog to create amazon associates account & you are good to go.
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