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What is the Meesho Refer Code? How Can You Get Referral Code from Meesho Supply App? Where to Enter Meesho Referral Code ? To know all these answers follow our post to know. Meesho app can be your best source to earn money online. Meesho has become one of the best apps right now to pay you genuinely. We know that Meesho has introduced its Meesho Referral Program, where you earn from their Refer and Earn.
Meesho Supply Referral Code - Don't want to read all the post and want to get Meesho Refer code? Then use this Referral Code of Meesho Supply App. Copy BFJKPGQ666 and then apply it by clicking on Account Option in Meesho Supply App.
It means you need to refer people on Meesho app, the more you refer people on Meesho app, the more you'll be able to make money through their referral commission. 
To be the part of the Meesho Refer Earn program. You have to download the Meesho App, and then you have to enter the Meesho Referral Code to be the successfully Meesho Refer Star.

How do you get Meesho Referral Code from Meesho App?

To get your Meesho Refer code, you need to first register on the Meesho app, and then you have to follow the below steps to get your referral code.

Steps to get Meesho Refer Code:-

  • Download the Meesho App
  • Enter your Mobile Number to register on it.
  • Enter OTP to verify on Meesho App.
  • Choose Language, Hindi or English.
  • Done, you'll see the Dashboard of Meesho App.
  • Click on the "Account" option.
  • You'll see "Refer and Earn" option.
  • Click on the Refer and Earn option, you'll see your Referral Code:-BFJKPGQ666
  • You can directly invite your friends by tapping the "Invite your Friends" option.

Now after getting your Meesho Refer code. You must have been thinking about sharing the Meesho app with your friends and families to earn more referral commission. But how can you share your Meesho Referral code to them? 
To invite people on Meesho App using your Refer code. You have to copy your Meesho Invite code first and then share it through WhatsApp or Facebook.

Meesho Refer Code - Mega Star Referral Game
Ask them to apply your Meesho Refer code if they have downloaded the Meesho App. Ask them to follow the same steps to apply referral code in Meesho App.

Steps to Apply Meesho Referral Code in App:-

  • First Download the Meesho App
  • Enter Mobile Number.
  • Enter OTP to Verify and Register on it.
  • Go to the "Account" option.
  • Click on Refer and Earn option.
  • Enter the Meesho Referral Code. BFJKPGQ666
Bonus Tip:- Use our Meesho Referral Code to get instant 30% off up to 100 - 150 Rupees on your First order. Better to use Meesho Invite code to be the part of Meesho Referral Program.
On Meesho app you can earn up to 1 Lakh Rupees through their refer and earn program. As of now, Meesho is also paying referral commission to those people who are referring the app to new people. Not only reselling the Meesho Products on various platforms to earn through their margins, but also you can make sound income through their referral program.

Whom to Refer On Meesho App?

Refer a Friend
-- Referrals require constant communication. Friends are people whom you can comfortably talk to & convince to join Meesho.

Refer someone with different Friend Circle
--  If you are reselling in the same circle. you'll end up reducing each other's orders.

Refer someone who can sell
--  Refer someone who is good at convincing people and has a vast network of friends.

How To Ask your Referral to Place First Order On Meesho?

First Order On Meesho

First Order on Meesho App

First Order on Meesho App

First Order on Meesho

First Order on Meesho App

Meesho Mega Star Referral Game:-

Meesho has recently introduced one of the anticipating referral bonus game. Which they are calling it as "Meesho Mega Star Game."
In this Mega Star Game, You can earn up to 50% referral commission on the First Five Orders of your Referrals.

Meesho has divided its Referral Commission Bonus into Five Stages. On each level, you'll earn a commission from the referrals' orders. You can learn more about these things in "Refer and Earn FAQs."

Referral Levels

- Everyone Meesho is assigned a referral level based on two criteria:
--- The Number of Successful Referrals.
--- The Number of Successful Orders of Each Referred Person/Reseller.

How To Become a Referral Mega Star?

1. Level 0: You will be at level 0 if you have not successfully referred anybody yet.
2. Rising Star: Your first successful referral makes you a Rising Star. As a Rising Star, you will earn 20% of sales of the first 5 orders, 5% of sales for the first six months and 1% of sales for the next 18 months.

3. Super Star: If you have successfully referred up to 4 people and each referral has placed a minimum of 2 orders, you move to the next level and become a Super Star. From here on, for new referrals, you will get 35% of sales on the first 5 orders, 5% of sales for the first 6 months, and 1% of sales for the next 18 months.

4. Mega Star: If you have successfully referred up to 8 people and each referral has placed a minimum of 4 orders, you move to the next level and become a Mega Star! From here on, for new referrals, you will get 50% of sales on the first 5 orders, 5% of sales for the first 6 months and 1% of sales for next 18 months.

2. How to earn from the Meesho Refer and Earn program? 

Meesho’s referral program rewards resellers who bring friends and family to join Meesho through their referral code. For each new referral, the referring reseller gets commission on the basis of the level they belong to. Referral commission is transferred into the bank account of the referring resellers every Tuesday after the return and exchange period of each order is over.

3. How is my Meesho referral commission calculated? 

The calculation of the referral commission is based on the price of the product. Shipping costs and reseller margin are excluded from this calculation.

4. How do I convince someone to join Meesho through my referral code? 

After you share the referral link with someone, make sure you call or meet them to talk about the reselling experience through Meesho in detail. Highlight the fact that this is a zero-investment profession, and anybody with access to a smartphone and internet can start a reselling career through Meesho. You should also mention that the end customers can pay through cash-on-delivery and have the option to return the product within 7 days of delivery. Make sure that you guide your referrals thoroughly until they can place their first few orders.

5. Whom should I refer to Meesho? 

You should refer people who are most likely to put effort into starting a reselling business. To ensure that you don’t end up reducing each other’s orders, you should refer people who live in a different city or have a different set of friends.

6. How does my friend benefit by joining Meesho through my referral code? 

People who join Meesho through referral codes get 30% off on their first order.

Ending Essence:-

That's how you can become the Meesho Mega Star Referral to earn more commission from the Meesho App. But before doing anything, First, download the Meesho App, then Enter Meesho Referral Code and Place your First Order on Meesho. After this, start referring Meesho app with your friends and families to earn more.

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