How to save Google Chrome Incognito Browsing History Temporarily

Google Chrome Browser provides us Incognito tab for surfing the stuff available on the Internet without saving of any types of our History.But sometimes you are working on Incognito tab for some important projects and forgets some details and you closed that window Incognito tab.So it seems to be very painful.So, If you want to work on Incognito and save your Google Chrome Incognito Browsing History Temporarily for the current Incognito session then you are here at right place.

Here, Today we are going to show you the simplest way to save your Google Chrome Incognito History Temporarily.Google Chrome provides an Extension named "Off the recorded History" through this you can easily view your recently sites links which you visited in Incognito tab.

How to save Google Chrome Incognito Browsing History Temporarily

Before starting this process one thing you should be kept in the mind that, you can save your browser history in for some time i,e. temporarily.This trick works on current session in Incognito tab until it gets closed by the user.

So, Let's begin our trick to save Google Chrome Incognito Browsing History Temporarily

  1. First of all, you can search "off the record history chrome extension" in Google and Here click on a very first link below you see.
  2. After clicking on that you can see a dialog box and click on "add to chrome" option just top right side in the dialog box.
  3. Just clicking on it you can see another pop-up menu and click on "Add Extension" option.
  4. After installation of this Extension, you can see notification and instructions that how you can use this extension features.
  5. Next click on top right side three dots go to "more tools" then click on "extension" option.
  6. choose "Off the recorded History" "click on allow in Incognito option".
  7. Let's have a look first open "New Incognito Window" which we can see in third place after clicking on three dots which we can see on the top right side or you can directly open this window just by clicking three button ctrl+shift+N.
  8. Click on it and you can see a dark coloured window.
  9. If you install this Extension you can see an icon of this Extension clear in top right place.
  10. To check this chrome extension working you can use your internet like you use in daily life.
  11. After surfing some sites in a 3-4 tab in Incognito window, close 2-3 Incognito and click on Extension icon.
  12. Here, you will have to go "Full History" and you can see all websites or web pages link where you visited.
By clicking on these links you can visit recently visited sites.

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