Reliance Reportedly Planning to Launch a New Android Smartphone

Reliance Jio now starts delivering of Jio 4g featured phone to the users which were booked on 24th of August.The company had launched this phone at just Rs 1500 but According to a report, Company stops the production of their 4g featured phone for sometimes and will be started to launch a new Android Smartphone.From some source of a report "The company clears their reason why working on New Smartphone that many apps are not working on Kai operating system in Jio 4g featured phone.
Reliance Jio Phone
Jio 4g featured Phone is available at cheap price and generally it working on Kai OS. The main problem about this Phone is that it supports only jio made apps.Also from some news, Reliance jio is working with  Google to bring a cheap Smartphone in future.

Here, One thing we are going to clear that this type of news had not come yet from Reliance jio side.This news is unclear that what will be happened in future and what initiative does company take about Smartphone.

The real joy is for the users who booked around 6 million jio phone and be a part of Digital India's vision after getting jio 4g phone now they get connected to each other digitally.The company wanted to deliver their pending products to the users till last October also company can starts 2nd jio-phone booking next month in first 2 weeks.

Phone operator companies like Airtel, Vodaphone, Bsnl had launched cheap Android Phone recently. Airtel made a tie with Karbonn and Celkon mobile companies and their effective price of smartphones is less than 1500. Vodaphone and BSNL partnered with Micromax to bring a smartphone price less than 1000. All these are better than a 4g featured phone that's why Reliance will try to launch their a cheap Smartphone in future.

So, Let see what could happen in upcoming days and how much time company took to launch of new Android Smartphone. 

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