Should You Update To MIUI on Your Redmi 3s/Prime/3X?

As we all know that MIUI has already announced about MIUI 9 their Latest MIUI GLOBAL STABLE ROM and it is going to release on 2nd November. But Redmi 3s/Prime/3x has got the latest MIUI update on their devices that is based on Marshmallow Android Version  Yeah, we are bit disappointed about this Xiami MIUI Update. So, Should you update to MIUI ROM GLOBAL STABLE on your Redmi 3s/Prime?
In this article, we are going to talk about the  MIUI proper installationMIUI Battery Backup ReviewsMIUI Features Update. I have been thinking about why Xiaomi has given this Marshmallow  "MIUI Update to Redmi 3s/Redmi 3S Prime" instead of giving Nougat (Android 7.X) before releasing the MIUI 9 GLOBAL ROM update. But we are still stuck on the Marshmallow. And Soon, MIUI 9 Global Stable Rom is going to release for Redmi 3s/ Redmi 3s Prime. Let's stick to the topic about Should I Update the Latest MIUI Global Stable Update to Redmi 3S/ Redmi 3s Prime or not?

Should You Update To MIUI on Your Redmi 3s/Prime/3X?

Before this Update of MIUI, you should be asking yourself some similar questions related to below.
Why Xiaomi did not provide MIUI Update based on Nougat?
If I update to this MIUI will my data be erased?
Will I get better battery backup in MIUI  on Redmi 3s/ Redmi 3s Prime?
Why did I get only 102 MB Update via Updater app?

Let's seek the answers to these questions and after that will give my opinion whether you should update MIUI  on your Redmi 3s/ Redmi 3s Prime or not?

Why Xiaomi did not provide MIUI Update based on Nougat?

Sometimes, We hate such monopoly of the Xiaomi.As they love to provide the new Android Update to their newly launched Devices. Rather than providing the newer Android Version to those devices which they have launched a bit earlier after announcing the release of their newly launched devices comparatively. But still, they provide the MIUI versions to their Old ones. So MIUI 9 will be based on Marshmallow instead of Android Nougat for Redmi 3s/ Redmi 3s Prime. We are just assuming this point that they will provide MIUI 9 based on Android Nougat instead of  Marshmallow. But they have already released the MIUI 9 Beta/Developer Rom on Marshmallow based for Redmi 3s. So let's hope we'll get the Nougat Based MIUI 9 Global Stable Rom for Redmi 3s/ Redmi 3s Prime.

If I update to this MIUI will my data be erased?

If you have got this update of MIUI on your Redmi 3s via Updater then you can update this update without thinking about your Data. But for your safety, you should take the backup of your Data first, to update any version of Roms.

Will I get better battery backup in MIUI  on Redmi 3s/ Redmi 3s Prime?

Before jumping to the update of this MIUI Global stable Version. Everyone wants to know about the Battery Backup of MIUI, Battery Backup Reviews For MIUI  How would be Battery Performance in this MIUI Update of Redmi 3s? These are the questions we generally asked for anyone who has already update to this MIUI Version. So lemme tell you that if, we compare to MIUI 8..1.1.0 with MIUI then surely my Vote will go to the Old one. As it was/is the most Global Stable Rom for Redmi 3s in some terms. But we think about to taste the latest features without any bugs so in this MIUI So, In this update, almost all the bugs have been fixed and Battery backup has been slightly increased compared to the previous version that was MIUI

Here are some Screenshots of Battery Usage of MIUI on Redmi 3s/ Redmi 3s Prime

Why did I get only 102 MB Update via Updater app?

If you are on the MIUI Version on your Redmi 3s. Then you'll get only 102 MB incremental update of the MIUI update. So don't worry about this update. Just use your Updater app to update this MIUI version on Redmi 3s/ Redmi 3s Prime without much pondering over this 

Installation Process Via Updater app :-

How To Update To MIUI on Redmi 3s/ Redmi 3s Prime/ Redmi 3x ?

  1. First of all, Go to the Official Site of MIUI 
  2. Download the MIUI Global Stable Rom from here Download Rom
  3. After that Download the Full Rom Package of MIUI without any pausing.
  4. Now after this put the Downloaded Rom Package into the new folder and name it to "downloaded_rom" (name of the folder).
  5. After this head towards to your Updater app
  6. In the Updater app click on three dots i.e. on the Upper right corner of the Updater app.
  7. Now Click on the "Choose Package to Update" option.
  8. Now Select to the "downloaded_rom" (in which you have saved the ROM package).
  9. After this Click on the OK button and sit relax.
  10. In few seconds Decrypting and then Updating process will be started.
  11. Wait for 15- 20 minutes your device will be updated to MIUI

Final thoughts !!

So this was the post about Should you update to MIUI on your Redmi 3s/ Redmi 3s Prime/ Redmi 3x. In which we have discussed the battery backup of MIUI, battery performance of MIUI,  Installation process of MIUI, Comparison between MIUI and MIUI
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