How To Buy Bitcoins With PayTm (No KYC)

It has become a trend of how to buy bitcoins in India.After increasing the drastically price of Bitcoins in International Market. As you know that Bitcoins is a Cryptocurrency in which you can Invest and trade it. However, you have been trying to search it everywhere about how to buy bitcoins using PayTm. But as you know that in India's RBI has n't made it legally to invest into this as they consider it as unsafe way to invest in such Cryptocurrency because of there is no control over it of RBI. So how you can buy bitcoins with PayTm ? We are going to tell you exactly how you can use PayTm to buy.
Bitcoin is not yet legal in India due to no control over it's trading and investing of any Government's Banking sector. So PayTm will not directly allow you to buy, sell of Bitcoins with their Platforms. But still you are able to purchase the Bitcoins using PayTm. You just have to follow the below sites which does not need any KYC things before purchasing the Bitcoins with PayTm. After buying the Bitcoins using the PayTm wallet next step will be how you can store and trade the Bitcoins. So here we are also going to tell you that exactly what you have to do after buying the Bitcoins through Paytm.

How To Buy Bitcoins With Paytm ?

To buy Bitcoins with PayTm you have to visit the and fill the amount of Rupees in exchange of how much Bitcoins you want as per your requirement. After that you have to select the PayTm in the place of All Online Offers option. After that you'll see various sellers are there who are selling Bitcoins with PayTm. Just choose any of them and buy from it.

How To Store and Trade the Bitcoins ?

After purchasing the Bitcoins with PayTm. You have two options either you can store those Bitcoins or you can trade the Bitcoins. So if you are going to store the Bitcoins then you just have to use any of the Paper Wallet and transfer those Bitcoins for the safe purpose as these localbitcoins service can be hacked too.

So for storing of your Bitcoins there are lots of Paper Wallet such as Jaxx, Electrum and etc. You just have to Download any of the Paper Wallet and can store your Bitcoins. That's all for storing your Bitcoins.

Now how you can trade your Bitcoins like if you want to buy Ripple using your Bitcoins and whatever you want to do with your bitcoins. Then you can go to the and there you can do the Trading of Your Bitcoins in the small level without doing any KYC. So these are some best methods of buying the Bitcoins with Paytm and then Storing it and after that Trading the Bitcoins.

Final Words !

So this is the post about how to buy bitcoins with paytm and how you can store the bitcoins and trade it further. But still we recommend you to invest in such cryptocurrency after pondering a bit over it. As we feel it is like Gambling which can give you a instant redemption of high amount in the same time can give you Zero. So always be cautious with such risks.
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