Trick To Buy Redmi 5A From Flipkart | Book Redmi 5A Multiple Times

Trick To Buy Redmi 5A From Flipkart :- As you now that Xiaomi has launched its "Desh Ka Smartphone" and naming it as Redmi 5A. Which is quite a good deal for Indian consumers as they are getting something best in their Budget Segment. If you are here to know about this trick to buy Redmi 5A from Flipkart. Then first you have to know something about it.Now Flipkart has endorsed this Redmi 5A to sell this Smartphone on their website with the hash tag of #OnlyOnFlipkart. Some of you are still trying to get this smartphone but always fail to grab it's one unit. As per the Flipkart Flash Sale of Redmi 5A it is based on First Come and First Serve at 12AM every Thursday.

Mi India has taken a step ahead to grab the attention on their newly launched Desh Ka Smartphone Redmi 5A giving 1000 Rs off to their First 5 Million consumers at the Price of 4999 Rs. After this they will revoke its original price of 5999 Rs. May be that's the reason why the First Few Sales of Redmi 5A has gone out of stock within few seconds. But in this post we are going to share some trick to buy/book Redmi 5A from Flipkart Flash Sale.
Apart from this if you want to buy Tenor D which is the tough competitor to Redmi 5A from Amazon then you can also buy this Tenor D as they have also given some killing features in Just Rs 4998. And irony is this that Tenor D is Amazon's Exclusive..:D. However, you just read the below steps carefully to book/buy Redmi 5A from next flash sale of Flipkart.

Trick To Buy Redmi 5A From Flipkart I Book Redmi 5A Multiple Times.

For this you just have to follow some steps carefully which we are going to share in this post. If you won't give much heed on our primly suggestions then you can miss the chance to book/buy Redmi 5A from the Flipkart Flash Sale in bulk. One more thing, you can use the same trick to book Redmi 5A more than one unit. Means you can book Redmi 5A in bulk. Just follow the below steps carefully.

Things You Need To Care:-

  1. *For trick to buy Redmi 5A you need to have a fresh Flipkart Account. What do i mean by Fresh account ? Means you didn't have booked any Order of any Kind earlier from this Flipkart account.
  2. *Now make sure that you have added Email ID in such account. So that you won't get any irritating message pop ups during the sale. Such pop up of adding Email address while booking may cause the delay to book Redmi 5A from the Flipkart's Flash Sale.
  3. *Now check that if your account hold the right to get COD option? You can check that by placing Random Product before the sale.. You don't have actually placed that product. Just have to confirm by doing that your Flipkart is COD Enabled.
  4. *After this Put only one Serviceable Address and Make it Default. However, if you want to change the address then you can changed it later on after placing the order till the shipment of your Redmi 5A.
  5. * You need to set the PIN CODE of your address to avoid any further time killing in the middle of Flash Sale.

Steps to Buy Redmi 5A From Flipkart.

  1. First off Visit the Direct Buy Page of Redmi 5A. CLICK HERE. CLICK HERE
  2. Now see the time and be sharp at 11:59:50AM and click on BUY option.
  3. After that instantly select the Quantity as 2 or 3.
  4. Now Click on Continue option.
  5. Choose the Payment option.
  6. If you have chosen Cash on Delivery (COD) then fill the CAPTCHA code instantly.
  7. Done ! You have booked the Multiple Redmi 5A from Flipkart.

Script To Buy Redmi 5A From Flipkart :-

Here we are going to provide the Script To Buy Redmi 5A from Flipkart. By using this script you can book/buy Redmi 5A easily. But still you have to be very quick even after using the Redmi 5a script trick. As after automatically adding Redmi 5A in to your cart you have to fill up the captcha instantly. So we are providing this Redmi 5A script to buy...Follow the below steps to use this script. And keep this thing in mind that you have to use this script during the flash sale. Then it'll work for you surely.

Steps to Book Redmi 5A by using automatic Script:-

  • First of all go to the sale page of Redmi 5A by Clicking here..REDMI 5A SALE PAGE.
  • After that on the sale page Click the Right Button of  your Mouse and Choose Inspect Element option.
  • After that a pop-up window will open.
  • In that pop-up window you'll further see some options.
  • You just have to click on CONSOLE option.
  • After that copy the below Redmi 5A Buying Script and paste it there.
  • Use the CTRL+C and CTRL+V shortkeys to paste the copied Redmi 5a buying script in that Console option.
  • Do the above steps few minutes earlier before the Flash Sale of Redmi 5A starts.
  • After the Flash sale will start, Redmi 5a buying script will successfully add Redmi 5A handset in to your Cart. Now choose address, Payment modes and fill captcha.
  • Done...!!

Redmi 5A Buying Script:-



Final Words !!

So this is the post about how you can buy Redmi 5A from Flipkart. Or the trick to buy Redmi 5A from flipkart. I hope that you'll be succeeded in the next flash sale of Redmi 5A from Flipkart. But keep one thing in mind before logging to your newly created Flipkart account don't forget to clear the data of your browser history to avoid the cancellation of your booked Redmi 5A.
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